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Harper's Index

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Issue: 48 Section: Accounts Geography: West Alberta Topics: tar sands, imperialism

October 21, 2007

Harper's Index

Stephen Harper introduces the tar sands issue

by Stephen Harper

We are currently the fifth largest energy producer in the world. We rank 3rd and 7th in global gas and oil production respectively. We generate more hydro-electric power than any other country on earth. And we are the world’s largest supplier of uranium. But that’s just the beginning.

Our government is making new investments in renewable energy sources such as biofuels. And an ocean of oil-soaked sand lies under the muskeg of northern Alberta–my home province. The oil sands are the second largest oil deposit in the world, bigger than Iraq, Iran or Russia; exceeded only by Saudi Arabia.

Digging the bitumen out of the ground, squeezing out the oil and converting it in into synthetic crude is a monumental challenge. It requires vast amounts of capital, Brobdingnagian technology, and an army of skilled workers. In short, it is an enterprise of epic proportions, akin to the building of the pyramids or China’s Great Wall. Only bigger.

By 2015, Canadian oil production is forecast to reach almost 4 million barrels a day. Two thirds of it will come from the oil sands. Even now, Canada is the only non-OPEC country with growing oil deliverability. And let’s be clear.

We are a stable, reliable producer in a volatile, unpredictable world. We believe in the free exchange of energy products based on competitive market principles, not self-serving monopolistic political strategies. That’s why policymakers in Washington–not to mention investors in Houston and New York–now talk about Canada and continental energy security in the same breath.

That’s why Canada surpassed the Saudis four years ago as the largest supplier of petroleum products to the United States. And that’s why industry analysts are recommending Canada as “possessing the most attractive combination of circumstances for energy investment of any place in the world.”

—Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
addressing the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce
July 14, 2006

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what the hell?! he forgot something very important!!

and mr. harper , you forgot to say that there is nowhere else in the world a form of oil extraction and processing with more intense impacts on forests and wildlife, freshwater resources and air quality. if people hear or think of canada , normally the first thing they come up with is nature , this is true ,but you sir are destroying this extremely important and big symbol of canada , you make canada look bad. it's unbelievable how much you and you're "buddies" have already destroyed , and all of this can never be restored , animals can never live there again, it is basically all DEAD, black and DEAD !!! it can never be restored never ever!!!! do you finally get that , do actually want to learn anything?!
guess not huh?! yeah , you're only interested in money aren't you , buy this "money" can never restore the destroyed wildlife , the forest , the environment !!! it all used to be green there but it's not anymore .... seriously when it comes to this i really feel ashamed to a canadian . but why must it be like this ?! why not for example invest in wind energy , canada has so much space and wind for this so why not do it ?! my god , you're , oh i can't even say no more , i just said again what so many people have already said and are still saying , but you mister prime minister , are ignoring this !!! you'll just increase the green house gas emissions , you don't care about nature , by the way, nature created us , did you know?!
why kill our creator ?! you may have brought canada very ,very well trough the financial crisis and i must say you've done an unbelievable and incredible job when it comes to this , but when it comes to protecting the environment , i really think you're the worst.

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