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Issue: 10 Section: Arts Topics: civil liberties

November 10, 2003


Books Recently Seized or Detained by Canada Customs

by Jane Henderson

The past 20 years have shown Canadian censorship to be legal, durable, and popular. Canadian censors--whether government officials or common citizens-- have shown little confidence of the abilities of other people to think or behave responsibly after reading 'objectionable' books and magazines.

--F. Carter, Editors' Assoc. of Canada/Assoc. Canadienne des Reviseurs

Adams, Carol: The Sexual Politics of Meat: a feminist-vegetarian critical theory.

Bataille, George: Blue of Noon and Story of the Eye.

Carter, ed.: Outrage: Australian Gay and Lesbian short story anthology.

Delany, Samuel R: The Madman.

The Evil Empire: Globalization's Darker Side, by Paul Hellyer

Fleming, Mickey: About Courage.

Genet, Jean: Querelle and Prisoner of Love.

hooks, bell: Black Looks: race and representation.

Irving, John: The Hotel New Hampshire.

Kulaszka, Barbara: The Hate Crimes Law in Canada, 1970-1994: Effects and Operation.

Leavitt, David: A Place I've Never Been.

Mitchell, Mark, ed.: The Penguin Book of International Gay Writing.

National Lesbian and Gay Survey: Proust, Cole Porter, Michelangelo, Marc Almond and Me: writings by gay men on their lives and lifestyles.

Our Home or Native Land: What Government's Aboriginal Policy is Doing to Canada, by Melvin Smith

Pierce, William: The Turner Diaries.

Rice, Anne: The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.

Stern, Phyllis Noerager, ed.: Lesbian Health: what are the issues?.

Tory, Frank (ed.) Panthology I & II (allegedly burned by Customs)

Unity: A Celebration of Gay Games IV and Stonewall.

Vandeford Tripp: Bitter Beauties.

Wojnarowicz: Memories That Smell Like Gasoline.

Xenozoic Tales: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Collection, from Kitchen Sink.

Yummy Fur #s 16, 18, from Vortex Comics.

Zap Comics #s 2-9, 11, 12, from Last Gasp.

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