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Stopped at Sea, Continuing by Land

July 11, 2011

Stopped at Sea, Continuing by Land

Freedom Flotilla participant pushes on to Gaza

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We last spoke with Miles Howe on June 28 aboard the Freedom Flotilla II's Canadian ship, the Tahrir in a small port town in Greece.

Carrying medical supplies, the Tahrir was part of a fleet of 11 ships that attempted to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Two of the ships were sabotaged. Others were harassed with lawsuits and bureaucratic red-tape from the Greek Coast Guard, delaying their departures.

Greek authorities eventually prohibited all Flotilla ships from leaving Greece, especially those leaving for the port of Gaza. Despite the ban, the Tahrir and crew attempted to evade the Greek Coast Guard, but were captured and brought to port after a high seas chase. On July 9, the Tahrir officially threw in the towel on making it to Gaza—this time.

After the plug was pulled on the Freedom Flotilla’s attempts by sea, we joined Miles Howe in Cairo on July 11, en route to Gaza by land.

Miles Howe is reporting regularly to the Halifax Media Co-op from the Middle East. Visit Dispatches from the Tahrir for updates.

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good to hear from you always

thanks miles for your updates, and for your perseverance. to gaza with love, one step at a time...

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