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September 26, 2012Audio

Occupy Montreal Keeps on Occupying

Activists took over a St. Henri park for a weekend to keep spreading their message of change

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August 29, 2012Audio

Stefan Christoff on Duets for Abdelrazik

Montreal-based musician, activist and writer explores musical solidarity

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July 11, 2011Audio

Stopped at Sea, Continuing by Land

Freedom Flotilla participant pushes on to Gaza

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June 29, 2011Audio

From Canada to Greece To Gaza

An interview with Miles Howe as he prepares to sail aboard the Tahrir

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January 29, 2011Audio

"Egypt is a Linchpin"

Interview with Montreal organizer Mostafa Henaway on protests in Egypt and solidarity in Canada

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January 10, 2011Audio

[[CE-ready for posting]] Young Occupants

Occupations across Canada are making space for people otherwise rejected by society

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August 29, 2010Audio

Unofficial Transcript Radio #3

GRIP-UQAM activists work to transform food politics & challenge economic structure

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August 22, 2010Audio

Unofficial Transcript Radio #2

Thousands protest Quebec budget, riot police confront youth in Montreal’s World Trade Centre

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August 15, 2010Audio

Unofficial Transcript Radio #1

News from the Canadian student movement

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March 19, 2010Audio

"No Olympics on Stolen Native Land" Resonates Across Canada

Struggles against the extractive industries could take center stage in post-Olympics organizing

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July 13, 2009Audio

Adil Charkaoui Speaks

On CSIS, Security Certificates and understanding Kafka

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June 17, 2009Audio

Jon Elmer on Canada's Role in Afghanistan

How the anti-war movement can prepare for post-2011

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November 23, 2008Audio

"Slow Industrial Genocide"

Mike Mercredi from Fort Chipewyan speaks about the impacts of the tar sands

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February 23, 2008Audio

Dominion Radio #8

The Cancer industry, Canada's legacy in Indonesia, and fighting Irving in court

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