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Pierre Loiselle

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February 23, 2008Audio

Dominion Radio #8

The Cancer industry, Canada's legacy in Indonesia, and fighting Irving in court

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February 9, 2008Audio

Dominion Radio #7

Police Brutality in Canada

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December 12, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #6

Special Podcast Episode on the Tar Sands

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November 4, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #5

Special Diet East, LNG colonization, and a NAFTA Superhighway

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October 26, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #4

Resource Wars in Bolivia, Anti-Poverty Resistance, and Media Democracy

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October 17, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #3

Vancouver's 'Stolen Land' Olympics and Broken Promises in Afghanistan

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April 9, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #2

Climate Change, Colonialism, and Cité Soleil

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March 19, 2007Audio

Dominion Radio #1

Lincolnville, Secret Trials, Afghanistan, Gaza

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October 12, 2006 Original Peoples

Like Weeds in a Garden

Residential-Schools_fp.jpgPierre Loiselle asks why the Canadian government omitted over half of the Genocide Convention before making it law.

Genocide, International Law & Canada's "Indian Problem"

June 6, 2005 Health

Psychiatry and Human Rights

psydrugs_fp.jpg The Bush Administration has plans to screen all Americans for mental illness. Pierre Loiselle finds critics asking questions about the role of the pharmacos.

Bush's Drug Plan for America

December 22, 2003 Environment

Mustard Gas and Seismic Blasts

underwater-barrels_fp.jpgThe threat of chemical dumps in Atlantic waters
The coastal waters of Atlantic Canada have been polluted with a legacy of chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry. The primary culprits include the Canadian, American and British militaries, which have obsessed over our safety from alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, while the communities and eco-systems of the Atlantic region have been under attack from the very same weapons of mass destruction since the 1940's. Now, with corporations being given permission to do seismic testing in Atlantic waters, the impact of these dumpsites may be compounded.
- by Pierre Loiselle -

The threat of chemical dumps in Atlantic waters

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