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Wikileaks: The Canadian Connection

Issue: 75 Section: Canadian News

January 6, 2011

Wikileaks: The Canadian Connection


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It seems as if this organization is definitely connected in many ways to a lot of countries but there does seem to be a heavier connection in Canada. While they do have a right to print they should never have the right to publish classified documents.

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'My' Country

I recently came across articles and commentary looking at patriotism and comparing the patriotism of George Orwell, for example, and that of rightwingers. George Orwell's, and progressives', idea of patriotism is loyalty to one's neighbors and country, in a blood, rational sense, where the people matter more than the flag and blind obedience to rulers. That was contrasted with patriotism that, for some, meant nationalism as in 'wave the flag', as in 'my country right or wrong', as in 'my leaders right or wrong', as in 'my army right or wrong', which is a view of patriotism that's very easy, surely, for special, powerful interests to manipulate.

I think that that is good to keep in mind, especially considering how 'our' governments now (as a result of a long process of redesigning governments to be more responsive to the needs and wants of corporations and less responsive to the needs and wants of the people) belong to those special, powerful capitalist interests. We have fake democracy, real corporatocracy and a totally unfree electoral marketplace. Our 'choices' are always between a handful of corporatocracy approved candidates. Capitalists are (dishonest) socialists who depend for their prosperty and security generally on the hard work of the people who they vilify and abuse, while the people are supposed to be capitalists and not protest the job-destroying, environment-destroying, society-destroying free trade deals that are in fact nothing more than corporate charters of (ever expanding) rights.

What shouldn't be? Fascist governments shouldn't be. Organizations like WikiLeaks that help us to see their true colors are what we, the people, need more of.

Wikileaks - reply to comment by Hill

Since taxpayers paid for all these killing, wounding and terrorizing of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen to name a few, then we have a right to see the reports from the people we paid to do this. Classified in this case is a code word to hide info from public to prevent a peace dividend.

Wikileaks and other whistle blowers are the only push back we have right now by a military industrial crime industry backed by a cooped media and a stead loss of our individual rights and freedoms. "Stand up to what's wrong or you will find one day that it will all be gone." from the the song - Stand Up for What's Right...2006/Billings/Creative Commons.

wiki and whistleblowing

As It Happens, CBC/Carol Off, spoke to a guest regarding the Wiki leak banking corruption. I sent her this response:

Dear Carol Off,

In your questioning of the guest, you seemed determined to go after the messenger, not the message:
if a journalist or government was handed irrefutable evidence of corruption, do you think they should hunt down the source of this evidence, or do you think they should examine the evidence and then clean up the corruption and arrest the criminals?
The answer is vital, because so far, citizens of the world have been watching a whole lot of criminal activity at all levels, yet cannot get justice. Instead, they are ignored, called 'conspiracy theorists', threatened, or killed (remember Gary Webb, Pulitzer Prize winner?).
Please think about this.

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