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Infographic: Degrees of Disaster

Issue: 76 Section: Graphics Geography: Earth Topics: climate justice, climate change

May 6, 2011

Infographic: Degrees of Disaster


This infographic was published in A People's Forecast: The Climate Justice Issue, our 2011 special issue. To read more articles as they are published, click here.

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This is by most accounts a conservative outlook

The design doesn't really do justice to the urgency of feedback effects. The box "Increasing risk of feedbacks and large-scale climate shifts" means that if methane and other trapped gasses are released in any large quantity by warming in oceans or permafrost areas, the estimates largely go out the window.

That's because the estimates here are based on human-created greenhouse gasses (GHGs), and do not account for the unknown amount of GHGs that will be released during warming. At any point starting now, we could see global average temperatures shoot up as a result, but the models don't take that into account.

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