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Infographic: Changing the System

Issue: 76 Section: Environment Geography: Canada Topics: climate justice, revolution

April 22, 2011

Infographic: Changing the System


In the past few years the call for "System Change, Not Climate Change" has echoed across the growing movement for climate justice in Canada and around the world. The response from the political arena has been that changing the systems of production and consumption that fuel our economic and political systems is an impossible task, and a fool's errand. Yet across Canada, major steps are being taken to transform this call into action. The system is changing, and it is the power of communities coming together that is driving this change. On one hand, groups are assembling to transform crucial parts of their lives, from food systems to transportation networks. On the other, communities are standing up to fossil fuel brokers and other destructive enterprises, saying no to the destruction of their homes.

This infographic was published in A People's Forecast: The Climate Justice Issue, our 2011 special issue. To read more articles as they are published, click here.

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