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Coop Opportunities and Benefits

Unlike most newspapers, the Dominion Media Solidarity Coop exists to serve the reader, writer and editor, rather than the shareholders and advertiser. In other words, the Dominion’s direction is guided by those affected most by its coverage – the readers who rely on accurate, in-depth and timely stories to inform their views and actions, and the independent journalists, whose efforts to push the envelope and ask tough questions rarely finds audience through a mainstream media that is comfortable with the status quo.

As a member of the Cooperative, you will be part of a wider movement to make media more accountable to its readers and the stories it tackles. Your membership will help ensure that a strong independent voice exists within a media landscape largely dominated by corporate conglomerates.

Membership also includes special perks.

Supporter Members receive a 10 per cent discount on all Dominion events and products (subscriptions, t-shirts etc). Coop members also have the opportunity to vote in the Coop’s Annual General Meeting and run for, and elect, the board of directors.

Subscriber Members receive all regular member benefits as well as a subscription to the Dominion Newspaper, delivered online to your inbox or in print to your doorstep (your choice).

Sustainer members receive all member benefits mentioned above as well as a free subscription to the Dominion Newspaper and the opportunity to receive up to 5 extra print issues monthly, to give away to interested friends, family members, or local organizations.

Archived Site

This is a site that stopped updating in 2016. It's here for archival purposes.

The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada. It aims to provide accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to its readers and the subjects it tackles. Taking its name from Canada's official status as both a colony and a colonial force, the Dominion examines politics, culture and daily life with a view to understanding the exercise of power.

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