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September 17, 2013 Health

Medical Errors

Abuse and intimidation at McGill affiliated hospitals

September 3, 2013 Direct Action, Environment, Indigenous, Migration, Peace/War, Police/Prisons

August in Review

Threats to salmon, sundance grounds, and Syria

August 28, 2013 Direct Action, Environment, Indigenous

Walking the Walk

Event aims to heal land and bolster spirits

August 20, 2013 Gender, Governance, Health, Migration, Poverty

Governing Gender

Transgender activists fight for crucial changes to Quebec’s Civil Code

August 13, 2013 Environment, Food

Ontario's pollinators at risk

Health Canada ignores EU move to ban bee-killing pesticides

August 8, 2013 Environment, Indigenous

No Home on the Range

Indigenous resistance to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range

August 6, 2013 Solidarity

Reviving Homegrown Dollars

How BC’s Salt Spring Dollars inspire community currencies the world over

August 1, 2013 Direct Action, Environment, Gender, Indigenous, Labour, Police/Prisons, Poverty, Solidarity

July in Review

Killer cops, fracking-free territories, war on drugs deaths memorial

July 30, 2013 Direct Action, Environment

Another Climate Threshold Ignored

Full steam ahead for Canada's tar sands as CO2 levels rise

July 23, 2013 Solidarity

Haiti in the Time of Cholera

International pushes for justice and reparations heat up

July 17, 2013

Silver Bullet

Canadian mine in Guatemala brings violence, militarization

July 10, 2013 Labour

Made in Haiti, Dumped in Haiti

Global demand for cheap clothing sabotages local garment trade, workers' rights

July 3, 2013

June in Review

Uprisings from Taksim to Rio, energy companies under fire

June 25, 2013 Migration, Police/Prisons

Welcome to Prison Nation

Canada uses prisons to detain newly arrived asylum-seekers

June 25, 2013 Direct Action, Environment, Indigenous

SWN rebuffed in New Brunswick back woods

Local families chase off ATV, security truck hit and run, UN observers arrive

June 24, 2013 Environment

SWN rebuffed in New Brunswick back woods

Local families chase off ATV, security truck hit and run, UN observers arrive

June 18, 2013

Cyanide Dreams

Ecotourism and mega-mining don’t mix in Honduras

June 14, 2013

COMIC: Bees on the Road

June 11, 2013 Direct Action, Environment, Governance, Ideas, Solidarity

From Terminal City to Transition Town

How Vancouver residents are dropping fossil fuels and adopting resiliency

June 3, 2013

May in Review

May Day celebrated, Morgentaler remembered, Enbridge disrupted and evicted


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