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Woman in a Camp for Displaced Karabagh Azeris

February 13, 2007

Woman in a Camp for Displaced Karabagh Azeris

Woman in a Camp for Displaced Karabagh Azeris

A woman living in a camp for displaced Karabagh Azeris. Many in Azerbaijan now feel that the only way for the occupation to end is if Azerbaijan restarts the war that claimed an estimated 30,000 lives until the 1994 ceasefire.

by Kristian Gravenor

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Why world is talking about

Why world is talking about Armenian genocide by Turkish.Which is vision product.Why they don't talk about or they don't accept Azerbaijani genocide by Armenians in 1918 31 March. and second period of that since 1988 till 1994?Is it because Armenians christians and world doesn't want Muslims go forword.Millions of Azerbaijan people died.And displaced.Azerbaijan history,literature,traditiona are stolen by armenians and shown to the world as armenians.Armenians only steal Turkish,Azeri traditions and make them look like it is theirs.They even didn't live in this area.They came from Europe to this part of world to steal.And they do very good job.WORLD GET UP..........

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