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Baby Hedgehog

March 29, 2009

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog

Photo courtesy of HamorHollow.com.

by Sean Sosik-Hamor

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Use of picture

Dear Sean, I am writing to ask permission to use the photo of the talkative baby hedgehog on my new Website, The Hedgehog. I would like to use it as the logo for the homepage.

The Hedgehog is planned to be the cyberversion of an animal-rights newsletter that I desktop-published in the 1990s. It consisted of about a page of news and info, but the main content was letters to congressional leaders and others in a position to investigate animal abuse or promote animal welfare in specific instances.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of this photo.

Blessings, Cathryn Bauer (stenobauer@gmail.com)

Animal Freak

where can I get hedgehogs?

Baby Pascal the Hedgehog

I'm Sean, the photographer that took this. The hedgehog in the photo is named Pascal from Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs. You can check out their Web site at http://www.hamorhollow.com/ and fill out a questionnaire if you're interested in researching or getting one.

You can see photos of Pascal growing up from newborn to adult in Hamor Hollow's photo gallery.

I hate baby animal

If it were up to me, a prerequisite for serving on the Dominion editorial collective would be attempting to stuff at least 6 or 7 Dominion issues into this baby monster's mouth.

I HATE U!!!!

Dude, really? I can't believe you can say that! That was a very inhumane thing to say... I HATE YOU PSYCHO!!! ANIMALS DO TOO!!!

fuckin psycho

fuckin psycho

fuck u

fuck u

Baby Hedgehog

Is that a yawn or a yell???


a yawn

this baby hedgehog hurts me

damn this baby hedgehog for being so cute. i can't stand it and it is very distracting. i should be working right now but, instead i am mesmerized by the little open-mouth face of this animal.

how cute iz dis

omg how cute is dis i'm suposed to be doing my work but i'm addicted to the cute little hedge hog.

I know he/she is cute

I'm getting one from my teacher she has 2 and theyHad babies and I'm geting one o thee babies 4 $160 I'm getting him in march ... There r three but I'm getting one I'm so happy. They r reAlly rare Anomals and she has a rare one it's brown and white they r rare

cuter than life!

i want it!!!!!!! C:
do hedgehogs develop teeth?


Yes. Needle sharp teeth that don't like to let go once they find human flesh. We've had two hedgehogs - one was a sweetheart who loved attention and wanted to cuddle, the other was a biter. Not so sweet. We loved them both regardless.


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