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Confronting loggers

July 17, 2012

Confronting loggers

Confronting loggers

The logging is being carried out by Resolute Forestry Products, formerly Abitibi Bowater Inc. One of the main questions among the ABL is how the company got the go-ahead to log on their land.

"[Since the logging began] we met with [MRNF] and SAA [Secretariat aux affaires autochtones]...[MRNF] was saying they consulted, SAA was saying they didn't do any consultation. So there was no consultation, as to Gabriel's knowledge," said Matchewan. "Gabriel Wawatie is the main harvester, he says that he never got consulted, never gave consent to the cutting."

Matchewan added that the company says they have a document they claim Gabriel Wawatie signed consenting to the logging. Matchewan pointed out that no one could provide the document and that Wawatie has been at the protest camp all week, opposing the cutting.

On Tuesday, July 17, a Resolute spokesperson told the Montreal Gazette that the company negotiated the logging with the Barriere Lake band council, and that is is the responsibility of the council to consult with the rest of the community, not Resolute's.

by Pei-Ju Wang

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