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November 7, 2012 Environment, Governance, Indigenous

Has the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act Gone Stale?

Criticisms levelled at western Canadian crown corporation focus on fish waste, inability to compete

November 2, 2012 Environment

PowerShift Galvanizes Climate Justice Organizing

Ottawa conference sees protests, trainings and national networking

November 2, 2012

October in Review

Pipeline problems, grand jury resistance, joke job act and celebrity arrests

October 31, 2012 Environment

Sinking Ships

Shipwrecks, shellfish and the future of the BC coast

October 29, 2012 Direct Action, Environment

Powershift Brings Hallowe'en Early to Government, Polluters

Hundreds set to participate in "Toxic Trick or Treat" in Ottawa this morning

October 24, 2012 Direct Action, Environment, Indigenous

Guatemala: Peaceful Resistance in the Face of Violence

Anti-mining activist speaks out for first time since being shot

October 23, 2012 Direct Action, Environment, Health, Indigenous

Rising Tide Targets Shell Tar Sands Plans

October 22, 2012 Health

Hundreds Protest Block's Message

Saskatoon rallies in response to MP Kelly Block's newsletter boasting of cuts to health care for refugee claimants

October 19, 2012 Literature & Ideas

A Call to Fight Feminicide, in Juarez and Beyond

Laval author puts a structural lens on the killings of women and girls

October 17, 2012 Media Analysis

Supporting Independent Media to Grow

Innovative financial models along with public policy support are key

October 15, 2012 Foreign Policy

War is Peace

Francophonie summit exposes Canada's hypocrisy towards the Congo

October 11, 2012

Media Seeks Change

by Jadis Dumas
October 10, 2012 Features

Canada’s Spy Groups Divulge Secret Intelligence to Energy Companies

Documents raise fears that info on environmentalists, Indigenous groups and more shared with industry at biannual, secret-level, briefings.

October 8, 2012 Original Peoples

Stopping Nuclear Waste in its Tracks

Communities, Indigenous organizations pass resolutions against transportation and storage of nuclear waste in Saskatchewan

October 6, 2012


by Ryan James Terry
October 5, 2012

SIS 2012 signs 2

by Jadis
October 5, 2012

Sisters in Spirit 2012 signs

by Jadis
October 5, 2012

Buffalo Hat Singers

by Jadis
October 5, 2012

Nina Segalowitz

by Jadis
October 5, 2012

Sisters in Spirit 2012

by Jadis
October 5, 2012 Original Peoples

Honouring the Dead, Standing with the Survivors

Seventh annual Sisters in Spirit vigil still seeking answers, action for missing and murdered women


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