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Literature & Ideas

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May 7, 2007 Literature & Ideas

May Books

Plays by Amiel Gladstone, poems by Susan Elmslie, Tanya Chapman's King, and Creamsicle Stick Shivs by John Stiles

April 15, 2007 Literature & Ideas

April Books

Reviews of new work by Windley, Leahy, McOrmond

March 29, 2007 Literature & Ideas

February Books

February 23, 2007 Literature & Ideas

March Books

November 20, 2006 Literature & Ideas

December Books

dec_cover.jpgHart, Southwood, Taylor and Henderson cover new work by Trofimuk, Trussler, Wah and Szumigalski.

September 28, 2006 Literature & Ideas

Inhabiting the Historical Houdini

price-anatomykeys_fp.jpgLindsa Besner reads Steven Price's new book of poems, Anatomy of Keys.

August 15, 2006 Literature & Ideas

September Books

septcover_web.jpgTrafford, Taylor and Henderson review new works by O'Donnel, Hartog and Ewart.

June 26, 2006 Literature & Ideas

July Books

julyreview_fp.jpgTrafford, Hart, Simmers and Besner review new works by Mérot, Hage, Bowling and Friesen.

May 24, 2006 Literature & Ideas

June Books

JuneReview_fp.jpgHenderson, Trafford, Taylor and Besner review new works by McCluskey, Sanger, Babstock and Starnino.

April 21, 2006 Literature & Ideas

May Books

mayreview_fp.jpgHenderson, Trafford, Taylor and Besner review new works by Frangione, Queyras , Coles and Haley.

April 4, 2006 Literature & Ideas

April Books

review-cover.jpgBesner and Trafford review new works by Crosbie and Noteboom

February 20, 2006 Literature & Ideas

March Books

marchcover_fp.jpgTrafford, Henderson, Besner and Taylor review new work by Akler, Rhenisch, Fleming, and Moore.

January 31, 2006 Literature & Ideas

February Books

FebReview_fp.jpgBesner, Henderson and Bryce review new work by Warner, Prince, Redhill, and Dey.

December 1, 2005 Literature & Ideas

December Books

cover_fp2.jpgBesner, Henderson, Taylor and Trafford review new work by Solie, Terpstra, Seymour, and deBeyer.

October 11, 2005 Literature & Ideas

October Books

booksoct05_fp.jpg Besner, Trafford, Lefebvre and Grant review new work by McBride, Walsh, Brown, and Allen.

August 27, 2005 Literature & Ideas

September Books

sept05books.jpg Besner, Svec, Trafford and Fraser review new work by Leckie, Brossard, Sands-Brodoff and Lau

June 14, 2005 Literature & Ideas

June Books

raderbook_fp.jpg Besner, Trafford and Peters review new work by Jan Zwicky, Michael Kenyon, Yvette Nolan and Matt Rader.

May 6, 2005 Literature & Ideas

May Books

may05_review_fp.jpg Trafford, Grant, Henderson and Corry review new work by Heather Simeney, Judith Thompson, Sheila Heti and Marci Denesiuk

April 12, 2005 Literature & Ideas

April Books

april2005.jpg Besner, Trafford and Henderson review new work by James Grainger, Donna Kane, Élise Turcotte, and Deanna Kent-McDonald.

March 2, 2005 Literature & Ideas

Books, March 2005

march05_fp.jpg Brubacher, Besner, Trafford and Deen review new books by Suzuki, Sinclair, Williams and Field.

January 12, 2005 Literature & Ideas

Books, January 2005

Besner, Trafford, Henderson and Janes review new work by Nathan Dueck, Sina Queyras, K.I. Press, and Deb Abbey

December 19, 2004 Literature & Ideas

Books, December 2004

Besner, Trafford and Bernston review new work by Antonine Maillet, Geoffrey Cook, Josh Macdonald, and Larry Lynch.

November 6, 2004 Literature & Ideas

Books, November 2004

Linda Besner reviews new books by Grant, Nepveu and Levin. Matthew Trafford reviews Arthur Motyer's What's Remembered.

September 30, 2004 Literature & Ideas

Books, September 2004

Linda Besner reviews new work by Lisa Pasold, Cecilia Kennedy, Darlene Madott and Aislinn Hunter

August 25, 2004 Literature & Ideas

Books, August 2004

Linda Besner reviews new poetry from Adeena Karasick, Alexandra Leggat, David Helwig and a recently translated play by Michel Marc Bouchard.

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