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Distribute the Tar Sands Issue Locally

Distribute the Tar Sands Issue Locally

Whether it's 5 copies or 500, if you're willing to pass along a copy to people or drop off a stack at a local coffeeshop, we can use your help. Just let us know how many you want.

The official price of a copy of the Dominion is a 0-$5 sliding scale. This means that we want it to be accessible to everyone, but for those who can pay, the actual cost of providing sustainable independent journalism is $5 per reader.

Our consideration is similar when it comes to asking for help with distribution. If you can front the cost of printing and mailing, that is ideal. If not, we will still send you as many copies as we can.

We suggest asking for a donation of $2 for each issue you distribute to offset your costs and ours.

To get copies of the special issue mailed to you, or to ask for more information, complete the following form or contact us.

Archived Site

This is a site that stopped updating in 2016. It's here for archival purposes.

The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada. It aims to provide accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to its readers and the subjects it tackles. Taking its name from Canada's official status as both a colony and a colonial force, the Dominion examines politics, culture and daily life with a view to understanding the exercise of power.

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