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November 10, 2003 Accounts

Privilege and Responsibility

"Privilege confers responsibility and the people who are called intellectuals, for no particularly good reason, happen to be privileged."

August 31, 2003 Accounts

The "Virtual Senate"

On the "international senate" of investors and lenders, the IMF and Brazil's Lula, and Negri, Hardt, and Foucault.

August 23, 2003 Accounts

US Terrorism Against Cuba

"CIA-sponsored operations included bombing of hotels and industrial installations, sinking of fishing boats, poisoning of crops and livestock, contamination of sugar exports..."

July 27, 2003 Accounts

The Explicit Policy of World Domination

"The National Security Strategy states fairly explicitly that the US intends to dominate the world by force, which is the dimension in which it rules supreme, and to ensure that there is never any potential challenge to this domination."

June 20, 2003 Accounts

Weekly Chomsky #2

"There's plenty wrong, but, as compared with 40 years ago, the improvement is enormous."

May 17, 2003 Accounts

Weekly Chomsky

Did a Russian sub captain save the world from nuclear holocaust? A short excerpt from "Confronting the Empire".

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