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free "Mining in Society" fair in Toronto, May 10-12

May 11, 2009

free "Mining in Society" fair in Toronto, May 10-12

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[photo: One of several hands-on activities geared towards kids is the mining worker dress-up costume. The Xstrata folks did not mind this photo being taken under the Goldcorp-sponsored mining booth; instead, they appeared highly amused.]

[image #2: "Did you know?" counterspin fliers. Print & copy!]

A free Mining in Society fair is taking place at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre yesterday, today and tomorrow (May 10-12). The annual event is billed as a place to "learn about the important role the minerals industry plays in your everyday life!"

Kids' activities include panning for gold, dressing up as a miner, matching minerals and metals with everyday products, colouring in mining-related drawings, and many others. Hundreds of school-age children will be attending the fair today and tomorrow.

Aside from the kids' activities, there are plenty of booths with interesting information, maps, and plenty of free stuff. If you don't mind corporate logos on your pens, notebooks, water bottles, key chains, highlighters, and other assorted paraphernalia, then you can get your office supplies for the next year. My personal favourite is the little yellow Suncor truck! There is also a small career fair for those of you considering gainful employment with Goldcorp, Shell, Freeport, Suncor...

The real deal, however, is taking place one floor down: an expensive corporate Conference and Exhibition hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. The word on the street is that if you can look and dress like a mining executive, you can walk right into their many workshops, although participating in the many schmoozing events and field trips might require a little more creativity or money.

For those people interested in participating in a more engaged and active way tomorrow (Tuesday, May 12th), consider printing/copying the attached "Fast Fact" fliers - prepared by other rockin' activists - to counter-spin the pro-industry propaganda. If anyone is interested in black & white fliers or in meeting up with other folks preparing to attend, feel free to contact me or post a comment with your contact info.

- Sandra Cuffe

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