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More MINUSTAH lies

March 2, 2007

More MINUSTAH lies

To find out the scale of lies coming out of MINUSTAH on the ground, read any of the UN News Service press releases in the last two weeks. According to interviews we have conducted in Cite Soleil, and according to a source in the Cite today, the arrests continue to be arbitrary. People are being arrested who have nothing to do with what the UN is calling "gangs" or "criminals" or "bandits" No warrents are issued. This is only part of the lie. Every UN communique in the last two weeks talks of setting up health clinics and transforming former gang leaders homes into community centres. Again, complete lies easily verifiable by a stroll through these areas. It would be funny if the consequences weren't so awful. Of course, the other issue is the "violence ridden" nation. More lies. kanaval (Carnaval) had at least 750,000 people in the streets for three days in a row and NOTHING happened. I've been everywhere in Port-au-Prince (a city "held hostage" by kidnapping and violence according the Washington Post) and this is not a city out of control. MINUSTAH just renewed it's presence for 8 months, highly encouraged by western nations to increase the pace of what they've been doing, meaning arresting anybody and occasionaly killing civilians. Haiti will have to remain a violent country in the eyes of the world to justify MINUSTAH's presence. One issue is the universal hatred for the soldiers. Strange for an organization bringing stability and peace to haiti

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