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Haiti: SOS Education

posted by darren ell Geography: Latin America Haiti, Cap Haitian Topics: haiti, education

February 12, 2008

Haiti: SOS Education

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If you have twenty extra dollars or more, you could help 31 children in Haiti’s second city, Cap Haitian, finish their school year. Let me explain. I recently completed my third trip to Haiti as an independent journalist investigating the ongoing impact of the US-France-Canada coup d’état of 2004. It is no exaggeration to say that this event and the policies which followed have left 8 million people in a desperate state. When I was introduced to Madame Bwa, a key community activist in the poorest community of Haiti’s second city, Cap Haitian, I was faced with a startling sight: 26 young people, aged 4 to 18 who had all been sent home from school in the previous 2 weeks because their families couldn’t afford their children’s basic school fees. Madame Bwa informed me that there were five more, bringing the total to 31, but that they were not present that day.

I have maintained close contact with Madame Bwa since returning to Canada. She has done the math, and says that she needs $650 to pay the school fees for all of these children so they can finish the year. This is the current reality in Haiti. The state has been crippled by the last two coup d’états and is unable to subsidize anyone’s education. People are left to themselves in a society where unemployment sits at 70%. 96% of Haitian children never finish high school because of poverty. Your donation will not solved Haiti’s economic crisis. It will however ensure that 31 young people finish the 2008 school year. If you have some extra money, please contribute.

To make this happen, we’ll be working with ecologist and human rights advocate Sasha Kramer’s organization SOIL, an impressive environmental NGO in Cap that works intimately with the community of Shada (Cap Haitian’s slum). Sasha’s organization will provide you with a tax receipt. SOIL's website will tell you where to send your check or you can use the site to pay directly with Paypal. All you have to remember is to indicate “Shada school fund” in the check memo or as a note in Paypal. If you have any questions, contact Sasha at sashakramer@gmail.com, or me, Darren Ell, at elldarren@gmail.com

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SOS for Haiti i would write if i were you (E-H-J-H)

Hi my friend, Darren

I am really happy to read your piece, though i am not surprised because i know how much time you already spent in Haiti for understanding the reality of life of the people. I am really proud of you and again proud to work in some way with you, too.

Moreover, you're my teacher and my best counselor, thank you for being able to tell the truth to the whole world about Haiti. Haiti wants to be free, and its sons want to be able to decide themselves their destiny and their future. The people who come wherever can't solve the problem of Haiti because they don't really know the crucial live that people are living. The E-H-J-H(Education, Health and Job for Haitian people) is what this people need, no more that that.

"Time comes to the Poorest Nation in the world decide their destiny, and time comes for the governments of these countries do the best for their people".

Wadner Pierre

Cap Haitien school


We have family in Cap. Can you please contact me?


Jamie Phillips

Just get in touch with me via email

Try me at elldarren@gmail.com