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Lula da Silva on Biofuels... Sure is easier than land reform!

posted by dawn Geography: Latin America Brazil Topics: ethanol, energy, WTO

June 8, 2007

Lula da Silva on Biofuels... Sure is easier than land reform!

Brazilian president Lula da Silva has written a piece called 'Challenges for the G8 summit' for La Jornada de Mexico.

He states:

"The promotion of the use of ethanol and biodiesel helps to democratize access to energy, and diminishes world dependance on finite hydrocarbon reserves...

[Biofuels] constitute economic, social and technological alternatives that are within the reach of countries that are economically poor, but rich in soils and arable lands...

Criticism that biofuels could affect food security or worsen climate change stem from a false premise. When and if countries produce crops adequate to their needs and realities, biofuel production can fulfill food security and environmental protection."

My editorial comment: Land reform is the fundamental issue in countries that are economically poor but rich in soils and arable land. The divergence between da Silva and other leaders and campesino organizations on this issue is huge.

I'll just translate one other choice snippet:

"It is necessary that there be a true development round of the WTO, that brings the ever promised but never fully realized benefits of free trade to the neediest countries."

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