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Bolivia is popular, Bolivia is strong!

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September 13, 2008

Bolivia is popular, Bolivia is strong!


Bolivia on edge after martial law declared screams a headline in today's Toronto Star. The Reuters piece blasts President Evo Morales for "banning protests," obscuring the cause of the violence inside of Bolivia almost completely.

Manuel Rozental, Colombian surgeon and activist, stated this morning that right wing groups [led by opposition regional governors] in Bolivia are hoping to pull off a "mediatic coup."

"Bolivia is popular, Bolivia is strong, the truth, the official truth will only come from the Government and popular organizations and their guidance must be sought," he wrote.

In a separate story, Reuters reported today that "Officials said at least 15 people -- mostly pro-government peasant farmers -- had been killed in clashes on Thursday with backers of the opposition regional governor."

Olivia Burlingame Goumbri wrote in Alternet that "Despite the fact that [Morales] represents the majority of Bolivians, refusals to recognize President Morales and his legitimate policy initiatives since he was first elected in 2005 have been a growing problem, and one that reflects racism."

Refusals to recognize Morales don't stop with the Bolivian elite, but reverberate through western government policies and the media.

The US State Department condemned Morales' decision to expel US Ambassador Phillip Golberg, stating ominously "We regret that President Morales has chosen this course. It will prejudice the interests of both countries, undermine the ongoing fight against drug-trafficking, and will have serious regional implications."

According to Rozental, "Feeding the image of chaos will help the empire's interests. Denounce the racist uprising, but also the strength of the Government and the people."

Update: In-depth article Bolivia's Elites Seek Media Coup by Justin Podur.

Update 2: The Machine Gun and The Meeting Table: Bolivian Crisis in a New South America, another good article by Ben Dangl on Upside Down World.

Murals in La Paz, Bolivia. Photo by Dawn, 2004.

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