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Five things the Corporate Media doesn't want you to know about the Coup in Honduras

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July 21, 2009

Five things the Corporate Media doesn't want you to know about the Coup in Honduras


1. It was a military coup carried out on behalf of corporate, national and transnational elites. "Restoring Democracy" though a military coup is akin to bombing your way to peace.

2. Coup participants were trained by the CIA and at the School of the Americas. Reactionary, anti-democratic US training grounds such as these are responsible for mass murder throughout the Americas.

3. President Mel Zelaya is a centrist, and his movements towards the "left," such as joining the ALBA trade block, are a result of massive popular pressure for change.

4. The constitutional referendum was not focussed on extending Zelaya's term limit. The referendum on the constitution marked the beginning of a popular process of participative democracy, which is extremely threatening to local and transnational elites.

5. Transnational corporations support the coup. Goldcorp has been bussing employees to pro-coup marches, other Canadian companies have stayed silent and are complicit in the coup.

Photo of demonstrators in Tegucigalpa by Sandra Cuffe

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Very deceiving! Not telling

Very deceiving! Not telling the truth at all. It was not a military coup. He was removed by congress because he continuously kept breaking the law and not abiding to the constitution

Military Coup for Dummies

Zelaya was "removed by congress" in a plane to Costa Rica? Um, I'm sorry, but he was removed by the military. That's what we call a military coup.

media blackout

nice work!!!


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