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Montreal: Alternative Media Open House

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July 23, 2009

Montreal: Alternative Media Open House

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Media makers in Montréal, take note... The first session of the Alternative Media Open House launched successfully last night at Nelson Mandela Park.

There are two more sessions, one on Friday and the next on Sunday.

"We are hoping to make connections with people in the communities we are doing the open houses in and to recruit a few new volunteers who may not have otherwise known these opportunities were open to them," says Courtney Kirkby, a radio producer at CKUT who's helping to organize the events.

The events offer free food, and are really about people getting to know each other.

"This is a unique chance to actually meet a wide range of media-makers in the city and find out what goes into a story and how independent, alternative journalism and news collectives can work," says Kirkby.

Event details are below... Enjoy!

--français ci-dessous--

Interested in community journalism?

CKUT 90.3FM & the Dominion present ALTERNATIVE MEDIA OPEN HOUSE in Côte-des-Neiges, Point St. Charles and the Plateau
LOCATION: Saint Columba House
(2365, Grand Trunk @ rue Ropery)
TIME: 3:30pm-7:00pm
DATE: FRIDAY, July 24th
*Free food provided by Midnight Kitchen
LOCATION: Maison de l'Amitié
(120 avenue Duluth Est, @ ave. Coloniale)
TIME: 1:30pm-4:00pm
DATE: SUNDAY, July 26th

A chance to meet alternative, independent journalist, producers and editors. Find out how to get involved and how to gain media-making skills.

Contact: Courtney Kirkby, news@ckut.ca or 514.448.4041x6788


Le journalisme communautaire vous interesses?


OÙ?: Saint Columba House
(2365, Grand Trunk @ rue Ropery, metro Charlevoix)
QUAND?: 15h30-19h00 // vendridi, juillet 24
*Nourriture fait par Midnight Kitchen!
OÙ?: Maison de l'Amitié
(120 avenue Duluth Est, @ ave. Coloniale)
QUAND?: 15h30-19h00 // dimanche, juillet 26
*Nourriture fait par Midnight Kitchen!

Une chance pour rencontrer des réalisateurs, journalistes et rédacteurs des médias indépendents. Vous apprenez comment s'impliquer et comment acquérir des conaissances practiques.

contact: Courtney Kirkby, news@ckut.ca or 514.448.4041 x6788

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