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IMF bails out Honduras Coup Regime with $150 million

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September 2, 2009

IMF bails out Honduras Coup Regime with $150 million


Reuters' Spanish service and Venezeuala's Telesur are reporting that the IMF granted US$150 million to the defacto regime in Honduras, which is now into into its third month.

Both reports stem from a press release by the Honduran Central Bank (BCH).

The BCH release reads (in part):

"At the initiative of the twenty industrialized and emerging countries (G-20), presided by the Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, the International Monetary Fund injects liquidity into the world economy and Honduras augments it's international reserves by $150.1 million."

The CBH release goes on to state that the money was received on August 28th. Telesur is reporting that the IMF will give another $13.8 million to the coup regime next week.

The IMF does not have an update on their Honduras page since before the coup happened. The BCH has not posted a press release in English since last year.

The only report on the payment in English thus far is posted on Iran's PressTV.

Photo of anti-coup protesters in Honduras by Sandra Cuffe. All translations above are unofficial.

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The Guardian: IMF, Stop funding Honduras

update on the Guardian article

The author of yesterday's Guardian article, Mark Weisbrot, is co-director of Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research. Today, CEPR posted a press release clarifying that the IMF "may not allow the de facto government of Honduras to have access to $164 million dollars that it was allocated on August 28."

U.S. does coup -- Progressives do progress

In just six years Chavez has reduced poverty by 30% and changed their medical industry from a capitalist let the poor die system, to free healthcare for all. With the help of two thousand doctors and nurses from Cuba.

Zelaya raised the minimum wage in Honduras by 60%, greatly improved public schools and all economical indicators were improving toward the good, which caused the rich to suffering a loss of land and excessive wealth.

IMF Hillary Clinton's pet dog

The IMF is a lap dog of Hillary Clinton. The Clinton mafia has shown it's true colors and the fact that Obama has been pushed our of the way by the Clinton mafia. Hillary is the real power and has shown the black man the door out of Latin America.

Micheletti the fascist Dictator

Hey dictator Micheletti guess what's going to happen your country when 3,750,000 compesinos march to the elite congress with sharp machetes. you facist coup leaders will run like the cowards you are, like the Venzuelan coup leaders did in 2002. You rats will all jump ship like the elite pompous arrogant thiefs that have robbed the 70% poverty stricken hungry honduran people of their money. You have stashed those $BILLIONS in offshore bank accounts and you will beg the American CIA and state department for asylum. I hope Obama gives you rats asylum and then ships you to Guantanamo for daily waterboarding until you confess.

Oye dictador Micheletti adivinar lo que va a pasar cuando su país 3.750.000 compesinos marcha a la élite congreso con machetes afilados. facist golpe de los líderes que se ejecutará como los cobardes que son, al igual que el golpe de los líderes Venzuelan hizo en 2002. Ratas que se saltan todos los buques, como la élite pomposo arrogante ladrones que han robado el 70% de pobres con hambre de su pueblo hondureño dinero. Usted tiene los miles de millones de dólares guardados en cuentas bancarias y el mar le pido la CIA americana y del Departamento de Estado de asilo. Espero que Obama le da asilo ratas y luego a Guantánamo los buques para el día a día el submarino hasta que confesara.