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Elites execute plan in Honduras, first world activists stymied

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September 10, 2009

Elites execute plan in Honduras, first world activists stymied

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As the coup regime in Honduras mocks the "rule of law" behind a veil of tear gas, automatic weapons and riot shields, it's business as usual for Canada's junior foreign minister, Peter Kent.

Kent refuses to call for sanctions or to demand the return of President Manuel Zelaya, who was removed after a military coup on June 28, 2009.

I'd like to point readers to a July 5 letter by Colombian doctor and activist Manuel Rozental.

This is how Rozental predicted things would shake down on the day Zelaya was blocked from landing at the airport in Tegucigalpa:

Today Zelaya returns and it would be useful to inform people as there will likely be a staged performance from the media that will go something like:

"There are 2 governments and two Presidents. Both have solid reasons behind them. This is a deadlock that will lead to or has lead to bloodshed. The US and the 'international community' are in a difficult position to intervene. Most countries and governments support Zelaya. The US promotes dialogue."

As we've seen in the months since, Rozental's letter was accurate, to a T. The plan of the transnational elites is being executed.

Rozental's question, "How can we today, invite the defence of social movements?" Is a much more difficult one, which remains to be answered in a meaningful way by activists in North America.

While Hondurans continue to fight for democracy, "impotance" is not a strong enough word to describe how it feels to attend a few rallies and write a letter while the governments of Canada and the US tacitly support a military coup.


From: min.dfaitmaeci@international.gc.ca
Subject: A12937-2009 IN REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL OF JULY 7, 2009
Date: September 10, 2009 11:08:49 AM PDT (CA)

Dear Ms. Paley:

Thank you for your email of July 7, 2009, concerning the situation in Honduras.

The Government of Canada is concerned about the unfolding situation in Honduras. Canada, in a public statement, strongly and swiftly condemned the June 28, 2009, coup d'etat. While the actions taken by the military cannot be justified, it is important to consider the context in which the actions were taken by the Honduran Congress and the Supreme Court.

Canada has been an active participant in developing resolutions adopted by the Organization of American States (OAS), including the resolution on July 4, 2009, that suspended Honduras' OAS membership. Canada has offered to assist in all further efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Honduran political crisis and we strongly favour a negotiated settlement between the parties. As such, Canada strongly supports the mediation efforts undertaken by Costa Rican President Óscar Arias.

Canada's leadership role at the OAS serves as an expression of our unfailing support for the democratic values and principles that the OAS is committed to upholding, including the Inter-American Democratic Charter. Canada has consistently called on all parties to show restraint and to seek a peaceful resolution that respects democratic norms and the rule of law.

Canadian officials in Honduras, in Ottawa and at the OAS are closely following developments as this situation evolves. For further information regarding Canada's position on the ongoing political situation in Honduras, I invite you to visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada's website at: http://www.international.gc.ca/international/honduras.aspx?lang=eng.

The Government of Canada is committed to strengthening democratic processes in the Americas, including in Honduras. Your attention to these events is an important element in raising international awareness about issues of democratic governance in the Americas. We will continue to work with all parties involved in order to restore democratic order in this country peacefully and lawfully.

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your concerns.


Peter Kent
Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas)

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