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Shame on...

posted by dawn Geography: West Vancouver, Burma Topics: Mining

January 27, 2007

Shame on...

Back in BC just in time to welcome a pack of gold-silver-nickel-copper toting criminals in suits to the Vancouver for the Association for Mineral Exploration conference, known as Roundup 2007, which will take place from 29 Jan to 01 Feb at the Westin Bayshore.

The list of sponsors is a veritable who's who in the international mining world. I am working on a list with notes to leaflet with, for the moment, I'll pick just one: Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.

Quote of choice: "If we can force Ivanhoe out of Mongolia, that signifies that we are a democratic nation. If we can’t, we will become the next Burma" -S.Ganbaatar, Ulan Baator, 2006.

Check: informative article from Canadian Business on Ivanhoe and "Toxic Bob" in Burma. Call for withdrawl from Burma by the CLC in 2003. Ivanhoe also makes the Burma Campaign UK's Dirty List, for using slave labour and being a major funder of the Burmese regime.

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