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T-Star: Right to Self-Determination "Troubling," "Worrisome"

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September 17, 2007

T-Star: Right to Self-Determination "Troubling," "Worrisome"

Toronto Star Editorial: "Particularly troubling is the 'right to self-determination' in article 3. Notwithstanding last-minute changes to the declaration that purport to protect the territorial integrity of existing states, could this phrase go beyond encouraging legitimate aspirations for native self-government and empower full-blown secessionist movements? Based on the declaration, it's hard to tell. That's worrisome."

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I don't claim to know

I don't claim to know anything, really, about what's in the Declaration, but I can see theoretically how it could contain some things that could cause a country such as ours some problems if our government voted for it.

My question though is why vote AGAINST it? Why couldn't we abstain (several countries did) if we were concerned over some of the technicalities? Because voting "no" has absolutely TERRIBLE overtones, and I think sends an absolutely horrible message. Abstaining could have at least sent the message that "we think the rights of indigenous peoples are very important, however we can't sign on to the specifics of this Declaration as drafted". I would have understood that position, and maybe even supported it (as I said, I don't actually know enough about the specifics to say for sure!). But voting AGAINST the Declaration?!?!?

A bridge too far, I think.