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Demonstrators Disrupt Bernier's First Speech in Quebec as Foreign Minister

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September 20, 2007

Demonstrators Disrupt Bernier's First Speech in Quebec as Foreign Minister


One by one, protesters stood up to interrupt recently appointed foreign minister Maxime Bernier during a speech urging support for the occupation of Afghanistan.

Press accounts in both French and English called it a "baptism of fire" for Bernier.

Radio-Canada has video.

Toronto Star correspondent Allan Woods couldn't make the drive from Ottawa, and ended up publishing quotes from the transcript that was sent to him. He probably got home early enough to watch it on TV.

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What were the protestors saying?

I watched this on CBC news... try as I may, I could not make out what the protesters were saying.

So typical of the corporate press (which now indisputably includes the CBC) - they gloss over the dissenter's point but then go on forever playing back Bernier's spin (UN/Nato/democratically elected government/evil Taliban/girls in school... blah blah blah)

Never a mention of American imperialism, neo colonialism - all the energy $$$ to be made by American corporations in Afghanistan. The fact that the invasion of Afghanistan was planned long before 9/11 (see http://www.commondreams.org/views06/1203-21.htm)



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