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The Hexayurt

posted by dru Topics: housing

December 29, 2007

The Hexayurt


The Hexayurt project is an attempt to create an extremely efficient, easy-to-construct, versatile and sustainable dwelling that can be affordable for people who live on around $1/day... in addition to the obvious structure, the project deals with heating, water purification, and sewage treatment. This is combined with an "open source," no-intellectual-property, globally collaborative approach development. The results are pretty interesting.

Here's a fascinating interview with the project founder, wherein he explains the difficulties in getting institutions to support something so obviously compelling. Here's his basic ethos:

:My goal is pretty simple: by the time I die, everybody in the world has a place to sleep and a bowl of rice a day. No starvation, no poverty of the kind that forces men and women to live like beasts of the field. We can do it: we are well past the point that Buckminster Fuller said our technology had to pass before it was possible.

Most people envisage making the poor rich: this is a social and economic approach. The rich fight it like hell all over the world.

So instead, I decided to focus on cutting the price of essential goods and services to the point where the poor can afford them. Nobody seems to be against that, and if we all agree, then the work will go so much faster than if I had to waste effort arguing with people who don’t think what I’m doing is a good idea.

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Pie in the Sky

Petit-bourgeois reformers think that being nice, and being helpful, and being smart/brilliant is all we need in this world in order to fix it. Funny, however, how this always comes across looking for all the world like an avoidance mechanism...

The fact remains that we need to organize a socialist takeover of the capitalist system. Efficiencies and economies of scale are all fine and dandy, bub -- but we actually need a revolution. We basically and simply need to expropriate these rich bastards' asses.
Simple enough for you?

haiti cheri

my dreams is to help haiti to built a system , that would help those in farming area . to find ways to bring water to they farms and to stop blocking the rivers that bring water to the lower floor .where other people aslo use. we would help built medical building in area where others can get to thats far away .it would help those whose in need of a medical help. we need the my wife is a open hearty nurse and i'm a general contartor out of atlanta ga we are trying to work with the us govorment to give us the help to built new medical office and teach young women learn more about the healthcare. so they can learn how to help others in need. we aslo built tower that would be put in place where when it come to bad weather ,it would help warn them and safe life.
ask the govorment why haiti dont have no trade in place when we have all this food in other part of north east and west side of the counrty.and why haiti life so exepensive and why dont they do something about it .