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Tobique Fed Up With Indian Act

January 28, 2008

Tobique Fed Up With Indian Act

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January 28, 2008


The self-determining people of the Tobique First Nation (TFN) are saying loud and clear that we have had enough of the racism and bureaucratic bullying that our community has received from the Department of Indian Affairs since the first Indian Act and the first Indian Reservations were forced upon our people. Why is it that ONLY Indians are forced to live on government-made reservations and under the government-made Indian Act? Why is there no government act or government reservation for the French or Germans etc? Everyone knows why, and it has nothing to do with Indians wanting it that way and everything to do with the theft of our homeland.

Our people are fed up and are organizing to take our self-respect and our self-determination back in order to fulfill our responsibility to the Seventh Generation. We are meeting in order to develop a strategy and an action plan.

Both the strategy and action plan are to create a better and equal relationship with our political and bureaucratic "rulers". A relationship that is based on mutual respect, mutual tolerance, mutual understanding and mutual acceptance. As opposed to how it has been: distrustful, adversarial, confrontational and acrimonious.

The straw that broke the camels back was the recent action by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) officials to fire the consulting firm that was hired by INAC to assist the Tobique First Nation as it works to straighten out its longstanding financial/fiscal mess.

INAC’s action to fire this consultant firm was done without cause. It was done highhandedly with no prior consultation with neither our community, nor its elected officials nor the consultant firm.

The impact of this INAC firing means more fiscal turmoil for our community as a whole, but more specifically equals increased stress and uncertainty for the most vulnerable within our community, namely the elderly, disabled, single mothers, children and all who are on social assistance.

Immediately prior to being fired the consulting firm released a progress report.

Among other things, this report contained information revealing some startling information. One revealed fact was that INAC had been deliberately under funding TFN to the tune of 2.2 million dollars per annum for approximately 10 years and possibly longer. The other startling revelation was that the TFN deficit ratio had grown from 65% to 135 % in the span of one year (2006-2007) under the previous co-management firm hired by INAC and fired by the TFN.

Tobique First Nation community members believe that all of the contents of this progress report, with all of its damning information regarding INAC activities, is the reason that INAC acted so quickly in its firing of Arbuthnot, MacNeil, Douglas, Dorey and Associates Ltd.

The firing, and under funding and continued growth of our deficit ratio are the primary reasons why our community members have begun this campaign to force INAC to live up to its fiduciary responsibility to our people.

The Harper governments’ public comments on government transparency and accountability should hold true for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in its dealings with this country’s original and true owners.

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I once lived on a reserve i so loved and still do and always will. But too see what it has come too is so unreal. People it is time to wake up and stand up for what you really believe in and get that reserve back too what it once was, a very great place too grow up and enjoy life. That has all been taking over by Drugs, Alcohol, and a very CORRUPT Administration of the Land, The Health Care of The People and Most of ALL Looking out for the ELDERLY the very ones who have been through alot worse then the younger ones these days. They struggled through every little obstacle that came their way and managed too survive. Think about it , and maybe sit down with one of them too really find out what they had too deal with , then take a look at where things are now and what you take for granted they really couldn't take advantage of way back then. Don't get me wrong Please, I do not wrong the peaople for what they do with their lives. I once lived it drinking every chance i got and smoking marajuna. My excuse was what else is their to do? Well in 1987 I figured that out, and it was time for me too leave. Drugs and alcohol was not the answer so i had too move on too better myself and that i did for the past 21 years but Tobique will always be my home.
But it still irks the hell out of me that things are so bad back home. People Stand up and make things better for yourselves and the only way your gonna do that is too take control of your own community before it gets any worse. This is where i will put all the blame for everything that has gone so bad for this once great reserve an that is with the Band Administration that is not looking out for the people of the communiity but their own bank accounts. The Band should be run by people that have the best interest of the community at heart and not by people who who look too run the band into the ground with all their CORRUPTION. Yes corruption you have all these millions of $$$$$ that come into the band every year For Health & Welfare; Policing ; Fire & Prevention; Housing & Development; education; Job Creation & training :Electricity for the ELDERLY and the list goes on and 6 months after the Monies are recieved it is gone and the DIAND is sending its people in too run the Band. ISN'T it time you start asking urself where all this money has gone and MOST OF ALL ask urself why you keep ELECTING these people over and over again just too do the same things too YOU ALL, all over again.It's time too put and end to it now before it is too late and you have nothing too look forward too.Jobs should be the #1 priorty of any Band administration not a welfare check.Jobs you would have if they hadn't stuffed their Dang pockets with so much of ur money. Open ur eyes folks and things good be much better for you and the next generation too come. It really does get old when they tell you we don't have money for this or money for that in actuality they have money come in every year for all the things I listed above. The problem is they take from Paul too give too Peter when they shouldn't even be touching another departments monies. Seriously that money should be able too get them through from the time they get it, till the next fiscal year. Things can get much better if you all stand up and take back ur community from the people who don't give a shit. GOOD LUCK U can all do it.

Tobique First Nation

This is the reason why our rez is in the termoil that we are in now. People fighting amoungst themselves? what the hell? I thought we were all created to get along and have love for one another, rather than all the hatered that is filled up inside, most?
I have left the rez so many times, but never left the town, I love where I come from and who I am. But I do not like what has happened to my birth place, people living in the Band Office, since we can not use it for what it was originally ment for, nor could they keep it running as a Band Office.
That just goes to show you what has become of our HOME! Where has ALL the money gone too?.....o wait thats right it was hidden in Bank Accounts, and putting certain peoples children through Private schools, buying Houses that we really not needed.
I just dont understand it, I scratch my head and wonder....why dont people all stand up and do something, if you dont like the out come, do what the rest of us have done..... leave, and go and try to survive without the band helping you. Seeing as how the majority of you are surving off of free rent and of course that wonderful welfare check. Seriously though its not hard to do.
I'm thankful that I left the rez and came to the states, this is such a huge eye opener for me, know that I have to get up everyday, come to work, go home and take of my responsibilties. Totally different than living in Grand Falls or even F'town. Here if you do not make your car note, lease payment on your place you will lose it right away, this place has made become better prepared for the REAL road ahead of my life, and has helped me open my eyes.
Maybe one day you will too.

A Forensic Audit has been Called!

Tobique cannot use the land claim money to pay it's enormous debt. All infrastructure has been neglected and is also in dire straits. once again people are left in the dark while the same people squander away funding. Only certain people can work, especially for the incompetent managers and portfolio holders. Alot of them want two or three jobs too.

Time to clean the slate and get rid of these maggots that put us in this mess and kick em off our rez!

Change Tobique, change the world!

All this back and forth aside, Tobique is one of Canada's largest reservations, and should be a vehicle for global chage.

Given the current attention to Environmental issues and Health issues (like rising Cancer rates -1 in 4 now, or rapidly mutating viruses), this should Really be making people think about their actions. This SHOULD be a wake up call. For too long we have thought about OURSELVES. It is time to think about everyone else!

Once we change our mindset I am certain we will see NATURAL and SUSTAINABLE changes in Environment, health and even Politics!

With the numbers we have, we need to show Canada what it means to live WITH the planet. We need to be role models, and who better than those that have traditionally worked with the planet?? So many things should be done without CHARGE. People should be obligated to keep the reserve CLEAN. People should be obligated to help push out the drugs that are only there (and don't think this is not deliberate) to distract, confuse and ultimately control people. The Chief and Council SHOULD "WORK" FOR NOTHING. Traditionally these roles (or their historical equilivant roles) were appointed to people that were not paid. A traditional Chief was not paid people! However, the community took care of their Chief to make sure they were sheltered and fed. If you really want to help, SHOW people that you CARE about THEM AND NOT about the mighty DOLLAR that these colonizer pushed onto us.

Obviously we have to live in this world, there is no going back, but we can still be the proud people we once were by stopping the blame game. If you are contributing to the demise of your people, own up to it and stop it. It is never too late, so taking a defensive position when you know and others know you are guilty only belabours the healing. You can be forgiven if you want to be. Make Tobique a proud place and it will not only change Canada, but the resonance will be heard across the world, I am certain.


i left the reservation back in 1989, i had an opportunity to find out what was beyond and to see if i could better myself, yes, i did, was it a task that required self determination? yes, very much so, do i miss home? yes. but for the next generation to bring up the young ones, who really have no idea what us instore for them, and the elders who have seen the past and are now feeling the repercussions of our present and past , Chief and Counsel. People, we need to understand that we have an obligation to the elders and the young ones, us, we are responsable for there well being, there faith lays in our hands. Please take a step back and look @ the Chief and Council, again both past and present, we are in a stituation because we have choosen to put ourselves there, we can't point the finger @ the outside people until we have realized what we have done to ourselves! I still reside in the US, but i know i will always know where i came from and who my people are and be proud of who i am, lets not let the outside dictate on how we should live and what we should do. We need to think long and hard before we go into another election, don't put someone into a position just because they can promise u this and that, we need to look @ what they have been able to accomplishe on there own without having anyone telling them what they need to do, we need to consider what they can do to provide a better future for our land and people. This can be accomplished by anyone, i have been down that road. Once policies and procedures have been set into place and enforced, than we can go forward and fight the outside, but first we must prove to ourselves that we can proficient enough to do accomplish this, take into consideration, this must all be done in the sack of our elders and younger generation, we can worry about ourselves later, what the younger generation see's us do now will determine what they need to do when it's there time to step up.

New School Politics


"This community is in the worst financial position that we have ever seen for a community in the last 25 years. The existence of a corporate culture of living above the resources available, lack of financial controls & oversight,
criminal activities, non-compliance to funding agreement terms and conditions without recourse, poor business planning & management, no long-term community plan, no long-term financial plan and unmanageable debt financing regimes has effectively placed this community in a position of being unable to deliver essential programs and services due to its limited financial ability and resources."

Many of the same people who put us in this mess are still employed. if this were anywhere else, they would have been fired long ago. Just this statement should have done that.


Infrastructure Funding PLUS $300,000 already been given over the last 5 years for repairs at the elementary school

Sounds like you are one of the people who have been benefiting all these years. Only fools would remain friends or listen to others that are responsible for these dark deeds. Obviously the people who have been giving you advice or you have been following all these years and to this day did not have your best interest or the communities in mind.

This will effect your descendants and generations not yet born. Oops! It already has! They have signed away your rights because they put us in a vulnerable position because of their selfishness and power hungry aspirations. Bet you didn't know that either. But thats coming out soon also. Stay tuned!

Old Grudges

You people should be ashamed of yourselves, our future is at stake and your pointing fingers. when will these old school political tactics go away, come now its almost 2010 and you guys are stuck in the 80's and 90's. I think its time for the next generation to take over, get rid of all these oldtimers who have grudges with each other

Tobique First (Last) Nation

April 9/08

Power bills for elders not paid, even church was canceled last evening. We have seen the bills of some elders that exceed $3000. Where da %^$& did that money go?

INAC said $300,000 has already been given to the band over the last five years for repairs at the elementary school
"... government has no way of confirming if all the money did actually get spent on the school ...

Click Here!

estimates of well over $30 Mil - $18 Mil in 2000

Since 2000

"I think we can understand Indian Affairs doing this to us, but (not) our own people, you know, stealing from us-- and I'm going to say stealing because it's what they're doing,"

Since 1999

Take a look at This!

Disparity causes hunger strike

WANT MORE? Quit Blaming others NOW! Or a never ending plethora of boomerangs will come your way. We know who you are now!Loose lips sink ships!

There is a saying "All the animals look at each other differently when the well runs dry"

Oh my %&$! holding people accountable -

And especially law abiding lawyers!

Who are on record.

Blaming everyone else ...

First of all our website has nothing to do with any illegal "indian act" chief or council such as you are insinuating and has more to do with our right to know as concerned and effected citizens what these people are doing with our allotted funding. Generations yet to be born will have to live with what a few have squandered.

It is grassroots as described on our homepage and hold no personal vendetta against anyone. And we hold no hatred against anyone, we disagree with a lot of things that should have been transparent since you were in office. It is also made up from the many emails we receive from readers, concerned citizens and the links and information that is sent. It holds people accountable for their oaths and actions (Oh my %&$! holding people accountable - especially elected officials go figure)

On an episode of the "Simpsons" The Simpsons join a religious sect called The Movementarians. The sect worships an all-powerful leader who claims that he will take his followers to the planet Blisstonia, where they will all live lives of uninterrupted happiness. This was a joke around our community where "The Leader" was in control and these same people followed his every word.

There are dozens of links to websites that are on our website especially the CBC that also report the same and as a matter of fact give credence to our quest for transparency and accountability. There are currently 7 investigations going on and after your threat and accusations we are going to submit more evidence very soon so that number will surely double if not triple.

Oh you forgot to mention the 4 Liberal politicians and an unaccounted casino. Or the staggering number of unemployed people and our deficit ratio.


Is New TFN Biased?

The content of your webpage holds no truth. It only poses a slanderous desire to defame people that were in office, and excludes the real trouble in TFN. Newtfn is a one sided opinion of a person who has been defeated in several elections while running for chief. The real owner of the newtfn page has a "personal vendetta" against the former chief, and is out to destroy him.

It is unfortunate that one person can hold so much hatred within, and waste so much energy in trying to destroy someone. When all will fail, "and if one seeks to destroy,""the persuant will be destroyed." Malicious behavior always bounces back like a boomarang, and when it hits, it tends to hit back harder than it was thrown!

These types of people tend to be a wolf in sheeps clothing, they brain wash gullible minded people into believeing that they are in the KNOW. Yet the gullible minds follow that person as if he were a QUASI-GOD. If one cannot seek fame the HONEST way, then he shall seek it in an underhanded fashion, and it's the true spirit that sees through these DARK souls! Yet the small minded ones, follow and praise, and that is exactley the type of Fame the DARK one is looking for.
Now, If it were all true what NEWTFN has insinuated on this falsified information, wouldn't you think that the former Chief and Administration would be behind bars?! Also, does TFN need this division at this very trying time? Unity is what is needed to help heal and organise something positive in the community, not more CHAOS!

You be the judge.

Population 1900 not 100

For the true story go to www.newtfn.com
And for Indigenous Poverty: The True Story! go to www.newtfn.com/thewholetruth.html