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Writing on the Tar Sands... for Pay!

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July 3, 2008

Writing on the Tar Sands... for Pay!


Call for submissions

In Western Canada-- Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan-- mega projects, massive developments and international events are bringing vast changes across the entire region. From nuclear power plants to Ski Hills and the world's largest ever industrial project, there are many components of similarity throughout Western Canada that can be and must be connected.

From the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) through to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) the provinces are streamlining the vast changes and degradations in human rights, living conditions and environmental health.

In the Fall 2008, OilSandsTruth.org (OST) will be releasing a one time magazine on many of the issues being faced by the populations living within both provinces.

OST is looking for articles on the following:

How the SPP facilitates the tar sands;
How the SPP facilitates the 2010 Games;

Tar sands and the impact of the boom on indigenous self-determination;
2010 and the impact of the Games on indigenous self-determination;

Tar sands and the impact of the boom on housing;
2010 and the impact of the Games on housing;

Tar sands and how the impacts of the boom are gendered;
2010 and how the impacts of the Games are gendered;

Tar sands and the effects on migrant rights and temporary foreign workers;
2010 and the effects of the Games on migrant rights and temporary foreign workers;

Tar sands and trade union rights;
2010 and the effects on labour rights;

Tar sands development and what it means for land and the forests;
2010 and the impacts on lands and the forests;

Tar sands development and the impact on water quality;
Olympic development and the impact on water quality;

Olympics and their associations to war;
Tar sands and their association to currently waged wars.

Politics of “environmental sustainability” (greenwashing) in the tar sands;
Politics of “environmental sustainability” (greenwashing) for the 2010 Games;

Eastern Canadian responses to the 2010 Games;
Eastern Canadian responses to the tar sands;

Resistance taking place to the tar sands;
Resistance taking place to the 2010 Games;

other article ideas along these lines greatly encouraged. Priority will be given to community organizers writing from first hand perspectives.

Article ideas should be submitted to macdonald@oilsandstruth.org ; the final articles should be 700-1000 words in length. Authors of articles that are commissioned for this one time publication will receive $100 honorariums for their work.

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Tar Sands

I agree the development of these tarsands create real environmental issues. The real problem is our consumption. If people didn't use so much energy driving SUVs then we wouldn't need this stuff. I found an interesting website at www.canadasoilsands.ca that has a great forum debating the issues with the tarsands. Though it is apparently an industry site they have no qualms opening this debate to everyone's opinion whether they may like it or not.

It's definitely about way

It's definitely about way more than our consumption. In truth, from government reports, only about 1/3 of energy use comes from regular people. 1/3 comes from industry and agriculture, and 1/3 from other businesses. These are approximations but are very close to the actual numbers.

My point is that even if every person in Turtle Island drove a hybrid or even just bicycled and walked, the oil flow would barely even slow down - the military is a huge consumer of oil, as are all kinds of industries... not to mention all the oil used in the policing and border control and prison industries. Think about how much oil a gravel pit must use in their production of roads and foundations to suburbs and businesses. Hundreds of thousands of heavy trucks traverse this land everyday supplying industry with their profits.

We should definitely lower our consumption, because it is simply the responsible thing to do. But the real enemy remains the system at work - industry, the military, the big oil and natural gas companies, the prison industrial complex, the police.... Take your pick and shut them down.



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