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La Presse v. Harper

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September 9, 2008

La Presse v. Harper

On the cover of yesterday's La Presse: Harper polling at 43% nationally, if election was held today he'd likely have a majority.

On the cover of today's La Presse: Julie Couillard's new book.

Inside spread: one of the Conservative candidates in Quebec is a member of Opus Dei, a secretive Catholic cult that seeks to place its members in positions of power, may or may not engage in ritual self-flagellation, keeps brainwashed women as wage slaves, and did they mention that they're very secretive?

Next page: ex-PMs and celebrities deplore Canada's "lack of action" on climate change. Also: Sierra Club gives Cons an "F+" grade on the environment.

Next page: Interview with a Liberal candidate and actor who was appointed by Conservatives, and was there just long enough to see how ideologically flawed the whole Conservative machine is. He quit to run for the Liberals.

Next full spread: Duceppe appeals to federalists to vote for the Bloc to stop Harper; Dion calls Harper a liar.

Arts and Culture section, front page: Interview with Liza Frulla, former Heritage Minister, discusses at length how inexperienced and damaging Josée Verner is.

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Say ; Harper appears to

Say ;

Harper appears to have a lot of friends in the business sector ;

Why not take a share into Quebecor-Power Corp, which owns La Presse ? ;

Conservatives have a really tough time in Quebec, but also in France and Belgium ; it's a Francophonie problem more than a Quebec problem.

La Presse is basically owned by the poor Liberals, but even they they can't stand having to defend the unpopular Stéphane Dion