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Peacekeeping moves

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January 7, 2007

Peacekeeping moves

According to the Times of London, the US is making a move to take over leadership of the UN's Peacekeeping forces. The report speculates that this is part of a strategy for getting US troops out of Iraq.

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Strategic purpose of Iraq War

Roger E. Carmichael
Shortly after the impact (literally) of 9/11, an
unnamed nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Natl Labs stated:
"Next major threat is Iran's enriched Uranium project"
where anyone with a critical mass of enriched uranium
can build a nuclear IED, or build an A-bomb encased w/in
a fire extinguisher. Ship one to every WalMart in USA and
detonate them all at once, "Time on Target" and we'll soon
forget about 9/11 when that event occurs. So why are we
surprised that US has surrounded Iran on both sides with
our military strength to tell Iran to stop production of
enriched Uranium or we will invade, and if you don't believe
it, here's the phone to speak with Saddam- oh he's gone? ok

It's the same strategy Truman used at end of WWII. Few know
the REAL reason he dropped the A-bombs on Japan. He did it
so he could pick up the phone, call the Ruskies and order
them to get the hell outa' Turkey or he'd drop the A-bomb
on 'em and if they thot it a bluff, just ask the Japs.

That's how US military works- "Might IS Right" Its the only
thing foreign powers fully understand, take it or leave it.
BTW, Truman gave USSR 48 hrs to leave. They were gone in 24