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Mark Mackinnon Quotes Hezbollah

posted by dru Geography: Middle East Lebanon Topics: summer war, Globe and Mail, media

January 17, 2007

Mark Mackinnon Quotes Hezbollah

The following is a list of all the quotes (or near-quotes) I could find in nineteen articles written by Mark MacKinnon about the situation in Lebanon over a three week period. This serves as an appendix of sorts to our response to MacKinnon's response to the recent analysis of MacKinnon's reporting. But it also provides a degree of insight into how systematically MacKinnon avoids any discussion of the motivation factors behind the massive demonstrations that are still occupying downtown Beirut.

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Hezbollah says it wants the extra cabinet positions in order to force through changes to the outdated country's electoral system, which gives Christians, who once made up 50 per cent of the population, half the seats in parliament, with the rest divided between the country's Druze, Sunni and Shia Muslim communities.

-"Pro−West, pro−Syria factions push Lebanon to the brink", Nov 14, 2006

In remarks published yesterday, Mr. Nasrallah told supporters that the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora would soon be ousted and replaced with a "clean" regime.

"This government will go," Mr. Nasrallah was quoted by the As−Safir newspaper as telling supporters on Monday, the day six Hezbollah allies formally quit Mr. Siniora's cabinet.

"We have no links to it after the resignations."

-"Lebanese government 'will go,' Hezbollah chief vows", Nov. 15, 2006

Six cabinet ministers have resigned since Sunday and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to bring down Mr. Siniora's government.

-"Student vote acts as Lebanese litmus test", Nov 17, 2006

"Who gets the benefit from all of this? We all know that Hezbollah and the opposition were putting the finishing touches on demonstrations to bring down the government via peaceful means. Now all the plans of the opposition have been sabotaged," said an exasperated Ibrahim Moussawi, news director at the Hezbollah−run al−Manar television station.

-"Connecting dots much tougher this time", Nov 23, 2006

Hezbollah sources said last night that the demonstrations had been postponed, but warned that the pro−Westerners should take care not to provoke them.

-"Lebanese fear clashes after Gemayel funeral", Nov 23, 2006

And while the crowd was large, it was smaller than some of those seen in the spring of 2005. Hezbollah's television station, al−Manar, mocked the turnout, suggesting that it proved the majority in fact now sided with Mr. Nasrallah.


"They're taking advantage of the blood of the late minister," said Nidal al−Mawla, a doctor in a nearby Shia neighbourhood who gathered with relatives to watch the news on television. He accused the pro−Western forces of trying to provoke Hezbollah into a fight. "Today, the mask is off. All of them work for the United States,'' he said of Mr. Siniora and his coalition. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Nasrallah made a personal appeal for calm among his supporters. "I urge them to leave the streets; more than urge, I beg them to leave the streets. We don't want anyone on the streets at all," he said in a telephone call to al−Manar.

-"Launching an 'Independence Intifada' in Lebanon", Nov. 24, 2006

Hezbollah said yesterday that it will call its supporters into the streets next week for demonstrations aimed at forcing the resignation of Mr. Siniora and his cabinet, which has no Shia representation after Hezbollah and its allies quit the government this month.

-"Lebanese fear a new civil war", Nov 25, 2006

Mohammed Raad, the head of Hezbollah's parliamentary caucus, said that out of respect for Pierre Gemayel, a Christian leader who was assassinated last week, pro−Syrian forces would give the government several more days to meet its demands.

"The ruling majority has a chance until the mourning period ends, and it should seize that opportunity, or else they will get themselves into a dark tunnel," he said.

-"Hezbollah issues warning", Nov 27, 2006

Yesterday, Hezbollah and other pro−Syrian groups indicated their intent to begin mass protests aimed at bringing down Mr. Siniora's government by the end of the week.

-"The cabinet that stays together, stays together", Nov. 30

"We appeal to all Lebanese, from every region and political movement, to take part in a peaceful and civilized demonstration on Friday to rid us of an incapable government that has failed in its mission," Mr. Nasrallah said yesterday in a televised address.

-"Beirut prepares for trouble", Dec 1, 2006

"We'll be here until we take down this government that works with the Americans," said Nadi Zaraket, a 35−year−old Hezbollah supporter, after helping pitch a tent in a deserted parking lot near the Grand Serail. "How long is up to the government. For us, there's no limit."


Hezbollah and its allies accuse the government of doing little to support it during the conflict, which left 1,100 Lebanese dead, while the government blames the militia for having recklessly taken the country into war.

-"Hezbollah protesters rally against government", December 2, 2006

"We all have jobs, but whether we work or not, we make no money," said Fatima Moheddine, a 56−year−old social worker and Hezbollah supporter. "We'll stay here until we take down the government."


Hezbollah, which is backed by Syria and Iran, accuses the government of being a puppet of the United States and France, and of doing little to help it during this summer's war with Israel.


The dead Shiite was identified as 20−year−old Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, a member of the Amal movement that is closely linked to Hezbollah. Three hours after the fatal shooting, his brother came running into Qasqas, unarmed and looking for revenge. "I will kill your leader!" the red−faced young man shouted at a crowd of club−wielding Sunnis as others restrained him and lines of soldiers deployed in a frantic effort to keep the situation under control. "My father will kill you all!"

-"Lebanon reels as protests against PM turn deadly", December 4, 2006

While Hezbollah says it is protesting against a government that is unrepresentative of most Lebanese and a puppet of the United States, Mr. Tufeili said such claims are really a smokescreen for the real goal: expanding Iran's influence in Lebanon and the region.

-"Founder lashes out at Hezbollah", Dec 8, 2006

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