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Going live with Dominion 3.0

posted by dru Topics: dominion

December 31, 2006

Going live with Dominion 3.0

Well, the brand new Dominion site is online, after a lot of time and a few headaches. We've successfully (with a little help from friends) moved over ever one of the old entries. Thanks to the flexibility of Drupal, our new content management system, all the old urls still refer to the same articles.

The weblog archives didn't make it into the new system, but we didn't break any of the links, and you can still look at articles as they used to look on the old site in the archives.

Among many new features is the ability to subscribe to rss feeds for any writer who has written for us, or news from any region or on any topic.

The new site puts photographers on the same level as authors, so you can now browse photographs by photographer or topic.

Readers now also have the ability to email articles to friends, or view a printer-friendly version of any article.

Luckily, that's just the beginning. We're going to be adding a lot more in the coming weeks and months.

Lazy fool of a web designer that I am, I have not yet looked at the site in Internet Explorer. The fingers-crossed approach applies for now.

If you'd like to see any particular new features, or have comments, you can drop us a line through our new contact form.

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