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Buzz Hargrove joins the NHL!

posted by Geordie Geography: Canada Topics: labour, sports, hockey

September 25, 2008

Buzz Hargrove joins the NHL!

Former labour leader Buzz Hargrove has ignored retirement and joined the advisory board of the NHL Players Association.

According to Hockeybuzz.com: "Buzz Hargrove (Toronto, Ontario) served as the national president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union since his acclamation in 1992 until he recently retired in September 2008. Hargrove has been one of Canada’s top labour leaders and has extensive collective bargaining experience."

Let's hope the players don't mysteriously lose the right to strike!

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It's a plot by Don Cherry...

...to hijack the Habs' cup run, I bet you. Just watch, the Habs oust Pittsburgh in the second, and... strike!