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Oliver Stone: New Movie on Hugo Chavez

posted by Geordie Geography: Latin America Topics: media, Venezuela

September 4, 2009

Oliver Stone: New Movie on Hugo Chavez

A trailer for Oliver Stone's new movie, South of the Border.

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11 years, how many free & fair election victories?

Oh, I get it, you equate 'democracy' with the imperialist definition (elitist, pro-privatization, anti-labour, anti-poor, oligarchic). You're right, then, Venezuela isn't very "democratic."

Watch and support this film

'Anonymous' is full of crap. This is an important film that supporters of (real) democracy should not only watch, but encourage others to watch. A single visit to Venezuela would dispel the 'escualido' disinformation that 'anonymous' spews.

How can you call democracy

How can you call democracy the political process in Venezuela??? Chavez has bring misery to our people, Caracas is one if not the most dangerous city in Latin America. It is impossible to survive in Venezuela, the inflation is killing us. Chavez's family is keeping all the power and the money and they will destroy whoever is against them. The worst is that ignorant people like Stone comes to our country to make profit of our misery. Don't you read the newspapers? Don't you see why Chavez is visiting all the countries in the middle east and east of Europe and buying weapons to attack an enemy that does not exist???? Have you read his constitution?? He is insane. Chavez is killing the idea of having a decent opposition in Latin America.

Boycott their movies is what

Boycott their movies is what the decent people should do of Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and Danny Glover, they have no idea what Chavez is capable of and how (Chavez) is going to use them as a political propaganda , but the people of South America know the realities of this so call revolution Bolivariana is about… Chavez wanted to take over Fidel's mouth after he dies, he can hardly wait…