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Ontario Government Bans Use of '“Israeli Apartheid"

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February 27, 2010

Ontario Government Bans Use of '“Israeli Apartheid"

The Ontario government recently approved a motion that the term "Israeli Apartheid" should not be used.

The motion passed with unanimous support from the Ontario Tory's, Liberals and NDP.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun Conservative MPP Peter Shurman stated that "I want to be clear about what it is I’m trying to do. I want the name changed. It’s that simple. It’s just wrong."

And why is it wrong for Shurman? What stunning and well thought out rational did Shurman use to back up his condemnation of the words "Israeli Apartheid"?

Does he dispute that there are similarities between the Bantustan system in South Africa and the territory allotments to Palestinians? Did he challenge the claim that there are two different laws that exist in Israel, one for Israelis and another for Palestinians? Why did he and the entire Legislature choose to target the the term "Israeli Apartheid"?

“My problem is the name,” he said. “Israeli Apartheid Week is not dialogue, it’s a monologue. The name is hateful, it is odious and that’s not how things should be in my Ontario. It’s a term that frankly I’m sick of hearing. Get rid of this word apartheid.”

Two things.

One, Shurman never said that the term was not accurate in describing the system. Which makes sense given many South Africans and Israelis themselves use this terms to describe the treatment of Palestinians.

Two, replace the word "Israeli" with "South African" in Shurman's quote and it makes about as much sense as it would have in the 1980's.

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How About Protest?

Well, This is typical fascist behavior from people who I consider to be fascists. 'Law & order' is what 'they' say it is, just as 'dialog' is what 'they' say it is. So, 'Apartheid', the way these people want to use the word, is not 'dialog'. Actually, The man has a point.

My thought is that protest is not, specifically, dialog. Shurman, a servant of power, and his colleagues, are an uncaring, macho bunch. And dangerous. How to challenge them? Well, We know we have a screwed up political/ electoral system, which is certainly the biggest challenge. Putting that aside, I think the quick answer is that we must challenge the pro empire, pro American, pro corporatocracy line put out by these anti-democrats very carefully and thoughtfully.

Peter Shurman has actually told us all to behave, to take what we get whether we like it or not. Which is (operationally) the capitalist motto, actually. But, for those who were listening (and who care) he also told us not to protest. He did that by conflating dialog, of a certain type, with protest. There's dialog that involves two sides 'listening' to each other and talking to each other, even when they completely disagree. Then there's protest, which is indeed more like a monologue.

Of course, Caring activists understand, and desire, that a protest can, and needs to, lead to dialog. Special interests, however, seek to have their partners in politics lay down the law to those who might interfere with their... special, capitalist interests. Conveniently, They brand their preferred type of social organization 'democracy', instead of 'corporatism' or 'fascism', which are things (fascism, corporatism) and approaches that we would all reject, even the mentally laziest among us.

I think this is the first

I think this is the first good step on this entire topic i have seen in a long time. They call themselves an educating group to help educate people about what is going on in israel, yet they dont recognize israel and believe that suicide bombing is a logical solution.... hypocrisy at its finest

i would like to see the two sides start talking instead of one side shouting about everything, demanding something that they think they deserve and then blaming everything on the other always.... but who knows maybe one day the whole world will be arab land also, then i guess no more demonstrations?

Canadians in general and

Canadians in general and Ontarian more particularly have been living in a Police State for quite a while. Canadians though are disillusioned and think that they are the most free society on Planet Earth. Only when their living standard will come down so much (which is something likely to happen soon) that they will start to use their brains and think..., and discover that they have been sleeping for so long!

The Ontario legislature must have gotten to Google

When I type in Google "israel apart," I get "israel apartments" and a few other suggestions. I do not get "israel apartheid" or "israel apartheid week." I think I'll blame those Judeo-Islamo-fascists.

There is no "ban"

The legislature "condemned" the use of the term "israeli Apartheid Week" but Did Not "ban" it. There are indeed those who don't want International Criminal Court Rome Statute definition of Apartheid as a crime against humanity applied to the State of Israel and would like to criminalize its use
as a "hate crime" or as "anti-semitic", thinking it to be some merely rhetorical device rather then the actual legal crime that it is.




Mr. Peter Shurman: I move that in the opinion of this House, the term "Israeli Apartheid Week" is condemned as it serves to incite hatred against Israel, a democratic state that respects the rule of law and human rights, and the use of the word "apartheid" in this context diminishes the suffering of those who were victims of a true apartheid regime in South Africa.