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"The Virgin Earth Challenge" -- Yeesh!

posted by hillarybain Topics: climate change, corporate

February 13, 2007

"The Virgin Earth Challenge" -- Yeesh!

Newsflash: The owner of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic (a space tourism project) is going to save the planet from climate change with the Virgin Earth Challenge. Branson's offering a $25 million prize to the person who can come up with a "commercially viable design which results in the removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to contribute materially to the stability of Earth’s climate."

So, science will save the day once again? Too bad Branson's not putting money into addressing real causes (like airplanes for example), not to mention root causes (like the economic system that's made him millions).

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A Different Approach to Solving Climate Change!

Hi All,

Just abit of self promotion here but thought it may interest you all as it links to climate change!

'Null Hypothesis - The Journal of Unlikely Science' have written a truly different approach to solving the problem of climate change in response to Richard Branson's Virgin Earth Challenge. The article suggests a quirky answer to the World's climate change problem whilst mathematical and scientifically 'proving' the solution!

Whilst the article is tongue in cheek, we feel this approach is a good way to generate conversation about an important issue.

Happy Reading!



Alternate Energy / Future Energy Source

(Quote ) – “It is not the amount of work one puts into one's research, but the quality of the time you devote. Many of the Nobel-winning experiments took very little time and energy to do. What made them landmarks in science was the fact that they took a look at something from a different perspective. Most of the experiments were elegantly simple. They were condensed right down to the fundamentals of logic: "if..., then...." What is more is that they applied that logic to very momentous questions. You might define such questions as pertaining to characteristics of a large sector of the universe. “ ( Un-Quote )