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Video Footage from Six Nations

posted by hillarybain Geography: Ontario Six Nations Topics: Indigenous

January 18, 2007

Video Footage from Six Nations

I just came across some great interviews with people from Six Nations. I found Janie Jamison's words particularly kick-ass.

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In your article: "A

In your article: "A monumental year" for the people of Six Nations, Janie Jamison talks about getting rid of the band council because it really just acts as an arm of the Canadian government.

I am writing a book about participatory democracy. Hopefully, my research will provide readers with a better understanding of how the traditional decision making process of the Iroquois Confederacy works today. If you have any contact information for Janie Jamison, or anyone you think might be willing to talk about their experience with traditional government, I would be very grateful.

Brenda Thompson