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Tyendinaga: Blockades and Solidarity continue

April 29, 2008

Tyendinaga: Blockades and Solidarity continue


Yesterday morning, Monday April 28th, police forces of mixed origin invaded the Tyendinaga blockade on Deseronto road. Following a short confrontation, a trailer belonging to the blockaders along with food and a barbeque were confiscated.

A trench dug by the Mohawk blockaders was filled in by the police, which forced them to retract to a single point on Deseronto road. Most of the blockades established over the weekend have been taken down or forcibly dismantled by police.

The Quarry is now surrounded with 2-300 police officers along with intelligence and surveillance vehicles.

Of the five arrestees, detained Friday April 28th, 2008, Daniel John Doreen, 34, and Stephen Chartrand, 32, were released.

According to The Whig, the bail conditions the two had to sign include keeping away from the Quarry, reporting to police weekly; not to plan, incite or participate in any protests that "interfere with traffic on highways, airways, railways or public waterways" and not associate with the co-accused, unless for "religious or cultural ceremonies."

Matthew James Kunkel, 21, Clint Brant, 29, and Shawn Brant, 44, remain in custody.

Solidarity actions from by non native protesters continue to support the Tyendinaga community throughout the province. A Part of the Hanlon Highway in Guelph was briefly blockaded by allies last night. Sunday saw a convergence at Dalton McGuinty’s office, and an emergency rally is scheduled in Toronto today at noon.

Since Friday, Six Nations in Caledonia has been blockading parts of highway 6. A spokesperson of the Men’s Council in a video interview established it is unclear how long the solidarity blockade will last. “It can be 5 minutes away it can be 5 years away. That’s in the hands of the OPP” he said. He continued to identify the Council’s request of the police at Tyendinaga is “to remove their presence. Just walk away.“

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Honestly your comment makes me wanna puke it is so racist!
you are honestly no better then the neo nazis i would like to spit on , they DONT represent me and you dont represent native people , you are obvisouly uneducated and you should never group people together like you did with that statement there are ALOT of white people who go out and fight and protest for equal rights and NATIVE rights , iam also sickened with the goverment and the way the country has been headed and the things this country as well as most others have treat ALL native people but dont group me with them just because i share the same skin colour , if you wanna just hunt and fish then great go do it! , but there are white people writing articles going to solidarity protests and doing lots of positive things to try and make the world a better place , honestly how stupid and ignorant would i sound if i said all you INDIANS can sit on your land and huff and drink away your life and diddle your kids?? Its sickening to make statements like that and hurtful , by the all you do making staements like that is bring us backwords , there is good and there is bad in all people and all races and from all different social backgrounds and you just proved it because i know some native people that would be sickened by your comment and people should be put into the category the represent you you obviosuly should go into the racist dirtbaf category!

Whoever you are, I wish you

Whoever you are, I wish you would take a drive thru the reserve and see how these so-called "repressed" people live. They have thriving businesses, gas stations, retaurants, variety stores, Subway, a new band office in the works, school, medical center, and last but not least about 50 or more illegal smoke shops, and construction under way to build a tobacco factory.
They have more money and toys than you are I will ever see.
I'm sorry they don't have clean drinking water, but I'm sure they can all afford to buy jugs of spring water the same as I do, and many others like them living off reserve you have wells. I don't even drink the town water. Get over it.

Have Indigenous People no Right to Prosperity?

This anonymous comment implies that where there is no dire poverty there is no injustice--as if that were the only kind of injustice perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of this land by the settler state and its colonial government. people have a right to have their nation-to-nation treaties honoured and respected, the right to protect and defend the land as well as their traditions and culture (not to mention themselves!), and they have the right not to be criminalized for it. This is the worst kind of racist oppression: the kind that says we have no sympathy unless the "repressed" are starving and their communities on the verge of destruction. Shame on whomever posted this; I can only hope that you do not represent the readership of this newspaper.

Not The Issue

The poverty of the people of Tyendinaga is not of issue in my article. Having travelled to the territory I have seen the resources you are describing.
The issue lies within governmental repression of the rights of indigenous peoples and non-native support of the indigenous peoples' right to defend their land.
In this manner, Shawn Brant, Matthew James Kunkel, and Clint Brant remain jailed for attempting to defend their land from exloration and exploitation. The fight over the Quarry is not simply over land but also over the resulting pollution and resource extraction, among other issues.