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Canadian Pacific Rail attacked in Toronto- Molotovs and Fires

October 21, 2008

Canadian Pacific Rail attacked in Toronto- Molotovs and Fires


The following is a communique posted on various sites and listservs.

[The contents of this post have been removed, due to the potential for police seizures, affecting our ability to continue serving this site. To read the original communiqué, go here.]

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Easy answers?

How much damage did this actually cause to CP? Probably a bit short of a "shitload." And is the political environment in Canada really a powder keg of people "waiting to explode" through witnessing acts of exemplary vandalism? Regardless of perspective the problems raised in this communique deserve more sober thought and less superficial ranting.

What in your opinion then

What in your opinion then would be a 'shitload'? As for the 'powderkeg' i don't recall the authors of the communique saying this would result from their actions, rather they were acknowledging an undercurrent of resentment and hostility, which i assume they were trying to give voice to. If you're so much more sober and 'deep' then lead the way. You may not appreciate their less than academic standards, but at least they have courage and passion to do what you are probably too cowardly to do, and which you then intellectualize as a way of rationalizing your own lack of committment. Kinda like the Dominion sheepishly claiming 'police repression' forced them to discontinue listing the news, repression that hasn't occurred and shows how uncommitted they are to actually reporting 'grassroots' news.