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Today's news updates

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May 29, 2007

Today's news updates

Editorial by Kate Heartford defending democracy promotion & the invasion of Afghanistanin today's Ottawa Citizen.

BBC is reporting that BP is going to resume operations in Libya, thanks to political wrangling by Tony Blair. BP pulled out of Libya over 30 years ago.

When a snake is not a snake: the limbless lizard.

Argentine intellectuals offer support to Chavez in the midst of an international media campaign against him related to his decision to cancel RCTV.

Japanese minister of agriculture found dead by hanging.

Uranium mining newsflash: It just ain't viable without state subsidies!

Sandoval announces his platform for Guatemalan presidentials.

Bush unveils new Sudan sanctions.

Cindy Sheehan: Why I'm leaving the democratic party.

Chief John French: Beware of Mining Hype.

James Petras: Between Insurrection and Reaction: Evo Morales’ Pursuit of Normal Capitalism.

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