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Kichesipirini Algonquins challenge Harper to make equal revenues available as is legally required

March 26, 2009

Kichesipirini Algonquins challenge Harper to make equal revenues available as is legally required


Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation post open letter to Stephen Harper insisting he honour their numerous expressions of interests in unceded territory without their having to agree to domestic policy and title extinquishment. Kichesipirini insists that at least equal resources are owed those Indigenous Nations wishing to remain sovereign as is given other communities for claims.

Kichesipirini asserts that these are international rights. If these processes are supposed to be nation-to-nation treaty negotiations then they are of international character and deserve appropriate third party adjunction by appropriate third party experts. Otherwise these negotiations are a breach of Constitutional and international law and are a misappropriation of public monies and would require an investigation.

If they are not genuinely nation-to-nation and are not of international character then be honest and clearly state so, and then explain to taxpayers why you have been misleading them into thinking that the expenditure of billions of dollars is legitimate when it is actually of no lasting or legal merit, and create a process that will reimburse Canadians' their wasted monies.

Kichesipirini further asserts that since these discriminations and persecutions have the effective result of exterminating actual nations there is a moral and legal responsibility to protect required of Mr. Harper, and because of their "crimes against humanity" nature these discriminations become a matter of concern for the world, that could result in financial sanctions. Taking such risks at this time of fiscal challenge would be extremely irresponsible.

Kichesipirini further points out that their submissions are markedly more fiscally responsible than the current existing systems wondering why the continued maintenance of an inflated process?

Kichesipirini give Harper a limited opportunity to enter into appropriate negotiations and to agree to the terms that have been submitted.

The rights of all persons of Aboriginal ancestry are protected equally, not just the rights of "Indians, Inuit and Metis". There can no longer be the continued discriminations against those Indigenous descendants wanting to maintain their traditional identities and jurisdictions.

Kichesipirini continue to assert that Canada uses public monies to illegally generate genocide against traditional nations and all of their natural citizens, which erodes the actual nationhood of Canada for all citizens.

All Canadians deserve free, prior and informed consent concerning these matters.

Chi migwetch.

Open letter can be viewed at www.esnips.com/web/Correspondence or a link found at www.esnips.com/web/kichesipirini

For further information contact algonquincitizen@hotmail.com

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Australia announces support of United Nation Declaration on the

With the recent announcement by Australian Indigenous Affairs Minister that Australia will now support the implementation of the United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples the illegitimate administering state in Canada is left in increasingly small company as only Canada, the United States and New Zealand are left officially opposing the Declaration that would effectively reverse the colonization of Canada and restore the true national Crowns and complete sovereignty for Canadian citizens.

Currently Canada, when the semantics are scrapped away, for all intentions and purposes has been left in the compromised position of administering state still sworn to allegience of a foreign Crown while that foreign Crown continues to hollow out and sell off for foreign profit the resources of the actual nation. The only remedy is the re-establishment of genuine Allodial Title that is both specific and contexual to the re-establishment of the appropriate Indigenous Nations not affected by illegally imposed domestic policy and refusing to collaborate with any financial or revenue schemes that would essentially give the foreign Crown complete and final adverse possession according to international law. Any compromise of Aboriginal or Indigenous Title is a compromise of true nationality and sovereignty of Canada.

The legal fallacies are unravelling. Aboriginal Title is no threat to private property land tenure systems, but Aboriginal Title does guarantee numerous direct benefits for citizens rather than the continued maintenance of a foreign Crown elitist administering and corporate state. Indigenous Nations are inclusive. Indigenous Nations participated in federations and confederacies. Indigenous Peoples, or the re-establisment of those nations would secure the resources of the nation for the people of the nation.

Those Indigenous Peoples, such as Kichesipirini, refusing any compromise for the benefit of all Canadians and actual completion of indepenent federated nationality are insisting that the continued denial of their right to at least equitable resources in a process governed by international law and standards of good goverenance, especially as they are evolving to be more reflective of the proper recognition of the equal merit of Indigenous Nations and their governance systems, is a complete breach of the Canadian Constitution. Whereas through both the Canadian Constitution and numerous case law clarifications it has been clearly and repeatedly established that the rights of Aboriginal peoples do not exclusively belong to Indian, Inuit and Metis, and that Aboriginal rights are specific and contextual, meaning that specific nations such as the Kichesipirini still hold protected and unceded Allodial Title and Jurisdiction, that continued denial of those rights must be understood in their contextual history of colonization which is recognized internationally as criminal, and that such failure to reverse the colonial crimes continues in effect a genocide placing the Harper administering state in a precarious position and that the only appropriate remedy would be the implementation of the Declaration within an arena of genuine, uncorrupted international law.

Whereas a careful examination of the Canadian Constitution and the many clarifying court cases have been very clear on the spcific applications and obligations owed all Aboriginal peoples, those specifically named and those not but including the Kichesipirini, it must be noted that despite clear legal establishments and reccommendations there has been no effective implementation of those laws within domestic polcy. Why?

We contend that is beyond the jurisdiction of the administering state. These are matters of international character and require international adjuction, however the administering state in Canada can be held liable for omitting to ensure that there be appropriate mechanisms in place that recognize and do not compromise the international character rather than further the work of the foreign Crown by actually abrogating and derogating the Aboriginal right sthrough the exclusive imposition of domestic policy and resources.

Considering the genocidal context of the existing legal fallacies now operating within the complete administration of programs and services within unceded Kichesipirini territory and jurisdiction all individuals involved in the implementation of such policy, or the omission of protections to preserve the integrity of the Kichesipirini and the laws of the Constitution can be held personally responsible.

The leadership of the Kichesipirini, as unceded Allodial Crown, have been for years stating that in the best interests of all Canadians the only realistic remedy for such complex matters is the immediate and full implementation of the Declaration.

The Harper administration has no legal jurisdiction, domestically or externally, to have any say regarding the implementation of the Declaration in Canada. The Kichesipirini holds legal jurisdiction and insists, at the international arena, for the immediate implementation of the Declaration and the immediate establishment of the appropriate institutions required for the development of full free, prior and informed consent by all peoples affected.

Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation
Kichi Sibi Anishnabe



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