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Kichesipirini Documents Nuclear Industry Contaminant Exposure Concerns

December 1, 2009

Kichesipirini Documents Nuclear Industry Contaminant Exposure Concerns

The Dialogue Denied Us

The leadership of the Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation continue final edits on document that raises serious questions concerning chronic public exposures to dangerous environmental contaminants and that such ongoing deliberate exposure is directly associated with ongoing government and industry refusal to recognize Kichesipirini as a verifiable historical Algonquin nation, and our continued assertions of the legal and moral right to exercise our inherent and inalienable traditional governance role.

The Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation became very concerned about possible hidden agendas associated with the blatant refusal to address Kichesipirini assertions in connection with land claim negotiations. Of particular concern is the reliance on flawed "negotiations" as a means to circumvent the law to resolve Aboriginal claims consistent with the legal requirements of purposeful fact-finding processes and adherence to historical truth as is required with litigated land claims.

Such circumventions of the legal process denied Kichesipirini their rightful role as protectors and responsible government.

Kichesipirini community members suspected that the many irregularities, especially the allocating of public monies and certain inflated responsibilities and jurisdictions regarding the Algonquin Nations particular relationship with the Manhattan Project and nuclear industry to Aboriginal communities that did not possess such authority, to be indicative of a systemic refusal to genuinely inform the public about the issues, thereby blocking all chances to actual accountability and examination of the facts, and that such demographic manipulations were probably indicative of some larger issues.

The Kichesipirini leadership was then mandated by the community to conduct its own fact-finding process and ensure that the historical truths were documented and examined appropriately. With absolutely no resources to work with the Kichesipirini community through the dedication and voluntary efforts of its members continued its work, committed to act, as is our inherent governance role, in the best interests of all the people of the Ottawa Valley.

Responding to regional grassroots concerns regarding seemingly high and unusual health problems and the ongoing lack of consultation or inclusion of the Kichesipirini in ongoing land claim negotiations and our exclusion from all implementation of Aboriginal service provision and policies the Kichesipirini community was essentially blocked and failed to give a voice to those people most directly affected. As a result of such state sponsored sabotage we determined that it was important to ensure the international arena be accessed as the most appropriate intervention and established communications and participation at the international level.

The document entitled "The Dialogue Denied Us" exposes the many inherent flaws associated with Canada's existing Aboriginal domestic policy, land claims negotiations, and ongoing failures in dealing with the numerous concerns associated with Canada's involvement in the Manhattan Project and broader nuclear industry.

The document demonstrates how failure to legally determine the actual identities and original jurisdictions of Aboriginal societies specifically affected with developments, and the misuse of public monies to generate alternative and compliant Aboriginal communities removed from a process of factual examination and historical truth, makes all people residing in such affected territories vulnerable to exploitation and the inability to exercise the principles of free, prior and informed consent consistent with democratic process.

The Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation harbours anxieties that part of the reasoning for the promotion of the corrupt system is to push through a complex system of social and economic manipulations as part of a pre-determined agenda in which certain Algonquin groups will be used to claim the Ottawa Valley as a site for long-term or permanent nuclear waste disposal without appropriate public information or consultation.

Our document provides assurance for the people of the Ottawa Valley that any such agenda, because of its failure to recognize Kichesipirini jurisidction, will be considered of no effect and void.

The document should be completed for public distribution some time in the early new year.


Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation

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