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Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous People Agrees to Meet Kichesipirini

April 21, 2010

Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous People Agrees to Meet Kichesipirini

Mr. James Anaya,Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights has agreed to meet with Paula LaPierre, Principal Sachem of the Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation, regarding numerous Algonquin concerns.

Paula LaPierre, an Algonquin leader, has been raising concerns regarding serious irregularities concerning land claim negotiations, distribution of public funds, accountability, good governance, and the need for external intervention regarding domestic policies and Canadians' lack of independent information regarding national developments and much needed institutional reform at the international level now for years.

She first became concerned when observing numerous irregularities surrounding the "Algonquins of Ontario" Land Claims negotiations process.

Her first concerns were about the lack of adequate anti-corruption mechanisms in place. She then became further concerned when participation in the negotiations required compliance to the severely flawed and wasteful process.

Subsequently, she learned that identity manipulations and coercions, substandard policy, and excessive expenditures of public money into questionable processes removed from the rule of law were common features in many Aboriginal processes and policy.

One of the most severe questionable practices associated with the Conservative land claim process and most Aboriginal policies are those areas concerning Aboriginal identity. Without appropriate mechanisms in place to properly identify Aboriginal persons, which if legal would include all persons of Aboriginal ancestry, since Aboriginal rights are inherent and inalienable,there can be no confidence in much of Canada's social aggregate data, educational programs,economic planning or appropriate institutional development.

LaPierre contends that all Canadians have been denied access to their own genuine history and identity in order to preserve certain economic regimes that are designed to conserve the rights of the British colonial system, at the expense of our own autonomy, health, and economic future.

She further claims that chaos and confusion about Aboriginal rights have purposely generated smoke screens about the real issues and have scapegoated certain populations as "separatists" or "criminal" dissenters. Often, what is at the heart of these issues is a misunderstanding of our own history, and the accurate, lingering, vague sense of injustice still tangible after an unresolved history of colonization.

The issues surrounding the "Algonquins of Ontario" land claim are not about creating sovereign Aboriginal nations that will steal private property from vulnerable Canadians. It is actually about how reconciling our genuine history which is inclusive of our Aboriginal foundations can further genuine Canada nationality and complete sovereignty.

LaPierre looks forward to the assistance from various United Nations and expert bodies to assist in developing new and completely accountable reconciliation processes that will respect the rights and resources of all Canadians.

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Appreciate the Exchange

I certainly appreciate the diverse exchanges beginning to take place regarding the "Algonquins of Ontario' land claim. The Algonquin Nation cannot be divided by a provincial border as that would be a breach to our equal right under international law to territorial integrity.

A Comprehensive Land Claim negotiation process can not ever resolve the issues of Native Title and jurisdiction of a still sovereign Algonquin Nation.


Dear Billy: Do not buy into

Dear Billy:

Do not buy into the ideas that the Algonquins of Ontario bring forth. They have taken the Algonquin Nation's petitions and communication of 1860's when we lived at OKA/Kanesatake and skewwed the information favorably for their land claim.

Many virtual communities have popped up and claim Algonquin ancestry and are only seeking to profit.

Contact Mr. Robert J. Potts for his breakdown of the land claim. Also, contact the Algonquin Anishinabeg Tribal Council in Maniwaki for the real low-down on the phony Algonquins of Ontario.

Let's not forget Ontario means "beautiful lake" in Mohawk. There cannot be "Algonquins of Ontario" They are only Omamiwinini Anishinabe of the Algonquin Nation.

Nation to Nation Resolutions

I think that this meeting can be a promising step though I am quite concerned, even as an outside observer, and yes because the integrity of the the outcome of the Algonquin Nation's process of engaging the UN is bound to directly affect{indirectly-directly} my First Nation territorial integrity, because our territories meet-join and are therefore closely intertwined ecologically.
I hope that you are planning to conduct this on a nation to nation basis, and that the Algonquin traditional governance code is to serve as your nation to nation reference point. Not being of your nation I could not be sure but would expect, by simply drawing the reasonable conclusion that, this is a central aspect of your role as a sachem for your nation.

Also, would you be willing to publish the Algonquin Traditional Governance Code, here, for the world to become better acquainted with?


Billy Douthwright



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