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An Alternative Memorial Day Celebration: reviving our radical collective historic memory

May 26, 2009

An Alternative Memorial Day Celebration: reviving our radical collective historic memory

rad mem day flyer.JPG


[aka How to Make Real Sure You're on the Terrorist Watch List]

New York City, May 25, 2009.

Flyer: Sakura Saunders
Photos: Sandra Cuffe
Inspiration: The Missing Plaque Project in Toronto

Image #1: Our flyer...

Image #2: Good ideas are FREE!

Image #3: The real news (Columbia University in the background).

Image #4: 3940 Broadway in the Washington Heights neighbourhood north of Harlem. The building was the Audubon Ballroom at the time of Malcolm X's assassination during a speech in the packed hall on February 21, 1965.

Image #5: Statue of Malcolm X in the lower left corner marks the spot of his assassination in what is now a museum known as the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center.

Image #6: Central Park at night.

Image #7: In front of the American Museum of Natural History, there is a peculiar statue. Theodore Roosevelt is riding majestically on horseback, flanked on either side by an African man and a Native American man, both on foot. Perhaps it is in fact meant as a subtly critical piece concerning forced marches, but the statue seems to embody the myth that one great country was built by all, side by side. It seemed like a good place (thanks for the tip, Ben!) to chalk: FREE LEONARD PELTIER, NATIVE AMERICAN P.O.W.

Image #8: "Meanwhile many political prisoners continue to languish unjustly, proof that this nation's talk about reconciliation is nothing but empty rhetoric." - Leonard Peltier (American Indian Movement), unjustly imprisoned for 12163 days and counting. A new parole hearing was recently announced for July 27, 2009.

Image #9: Flowerpower.

Image #10: Sunset from Harlem.

- Sakura Saunders & Sandra Cuffe

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how to make real sure you're on the terrorist watch list

that was the alternative title to this blog post... guess it worked. denied entry to the United States at the end of June...



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Chalk arrests

chalking as the new bombing?

Had not heard of this case, although from reading it, it seems as though the terrorism charges might not stem so much from chalking as from distributing flyers w/ animal researchers' home addresses and lightly veiled death threats?!

Thanks for the info - anything re political chalking = appreciated.

Wrong Peltier site

Thanks for the support! The official Leonard Peltier website is at:


Subscribe to the list serve to get updates on his case. He is currently scheduled for a parole hearing on July 27th, plans are being made for a organizing and planning conference in Southern Colorado (July 4th & 5th), along with a call to for an International Day of Solidarity for Peltier on June 26th, among other activities announced in their campaign plans to bring Peltier home before his next birthday (September 12th).

An Internet radio debate is being negotiated for with Ed Woods, former FBI agent, and myself on the Peltier case. Time and date to be announced.

We are also welcoming anyone who wants to form a Leonard Peltier Branch Support Group (LPBSG) to assist him in gaining his freedom should go to the website and click on support to download the application. If you have trouble, email me at bcarnes(at)whoisleonardpeltier(dot)info, and I'll help you work it out. Thanks everyone and lets make this the year Leonard goes home before his next birthday.

Ben Carnes,
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

Leonard Peltier parole hearing

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the update & also for the clarification regarding the official website. I knew that it was the Defense Offense Committee, but I didn't catch that when I included the website.

Where is the parole hearing to take place? Is it public?

Please keep me [lavagabunda(@)yahoo.es] posted on updates, calls for international actions, etc & I can keep posting news to the Dominion & elsewhere.

In solidarity,