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Radio Tadamon! Protests: Israeli Apartheid / Security Prosperity Partnership

September 10, 2007

Radio Tadamon! Protests: Israeli Apartheid / Security Prosperity Partnership


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This edition of Radio Tadamon! brings you to the streets, from the ongoing demonstrations throughout Canada calling for a boycott of Indigo/Chapters bookstores due to their support for Israel, to the major demonstrations in Montabello, Quebec surrounding the North American trilateral summit in August 2007.

A national boycott campaign targeting the Indigo/Chapters bookstore is rooted in opposition to the support for Israel from the company’s majority shareholders of the company Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, established the controversial “HESEG Foundation for Lone Soldiers”, a program of financial support for former “lone soldiers”, non-Israelis who fight in the Israeli military, in defense of apartheid and occupation. Israeli “lone soldiers” participated in the 2006 military attack on Lebanon and participate in the enforcement of the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip of Palestine.

This edition of Radio Tadamon! also will focus on the demonstrations against the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP, a North American trade and security initiative aimed at developing greater integration of trade and security policies from Mexico to Canada, a development of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, a trade treaty widely unpopular amongst labor unions, indigenous communities and left social activists.

The Montabello summit included multiple session between the North American leaders on “deeply integrating” more than 300 areas of policy — including health, safety, and environmental standards — between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The summit also focused on foreign policy & the War on Terror, where the leaders of North America, Prime Minster Stephen Harper of Canada, Mexican President Filipe Calderon & US President George Bush focused on Latin America and the Middle East.

This edition of Radio Tadamon! features interviews with:

Mohan Mishra of No One is Illegal Toronto
Ralph Gerstenburger of the Canadian Labor Congress
Yvonne Bobb Toronto-based Social Justice Activist
Liisa Schofield of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Nazila Bettache No One is Illegal Montreal
Sawsan Kalache Tadamon! Montreal
Freda Guttman Montreal Artist
Rose-Marie Whalley of Older Women Live (OWL)

* For more information on opposition to the Security & Prosperity Partnership visit: Integrate This! / PGA bloc.

* For more information on the campaign to boycott Indigo/Chapters bookstores visit: Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.

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