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Is this really Christmas?

posted by WadnerPierre Geography: Latin America Port-au-Prince Topics: haiti

December 23, 2007

Is this really Christmas?

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Wadner Pierre

Christmas is the celebration of love, sharing, solidarity and reconciliation, which is often conducted in the popular neighborhoods.

With this sentence we wonder too how can one celebrate Christmas in a country like Haiti, the poorest country in the American continent, which is going through a horrible and inhuman situation, despite the efforts of its people? A government able to fulfill the needs of its citizens, to relieve the misery of its people, renders street-level demands of respect for the principles voted for during elections unnecessary.

Today, members of Haiti's diaspora, despite their best efforts, are unable to meet the needs of their relatives in Haiti. Why not? The current blockade of the ports deprives much of the Haitian population, which depends directly upon the Haitian Diaspora for its livelihood. The Eleventh Department has recently made a gesture about removing the blockade, but we still hear sighs, grinding of teeth, continually climbing commodity prices. Is this is a conspiracy against the people? Where are the forces of nation, the Church, especially the Catholic church, which is the official religion of this country, the economic sector, the Haitian bourgeoisie?

Children from neighborhoods, people who are accustomed to receiving toys from the Haitian presidency during the years of the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, complain today because of the backwardness of the Ministry of Social Affairs in this case. But this year, it seems, is the worst since 2004, despite statements by authorities. We see nothing new.

"On the wings of time the sadness flies and the time brings pleasure."

This Friday, December 21, 2007, in the poor neighborhoods of Bel'Air, Delmas 4, Lassaline and in an orphanage located in Tabarre 16, toys and food were distributed to children whose parents lack the money to provide them with small gift for Christmas. These distributions were carried out by the Brazilian contingent of the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and senior officials of different nationalities, and were accompanied by Haitian artist KinoMorsa, also known as King Kino. According to one official, soldiers contributed money out of their pockets to share with the children of these poor districts. Does MINUSTAH know the misery of children with disabilities and the poor better than the Haitian government? Or were the distributions carried out because it is more responsible?

The children who showed up at these distributions would like to receive a lot more next year from the UN soldiers.

The hope reflected in the beauty of this event, achieved this one day, is that this debate end someday. A year has passed and another is coming, but what it will bring for the Haitian people?

A merry Christmas and a happy new Year my dear Haiti and peace, love, health and prosperity to your Haitian people.

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